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Surviving and Thriving with Office Desk Related Pain

Not only can work be stressful, but it can be physically painful too! Many office workers are seated the majority of the day and this can have major implications on the body and general state of mind. So what should

Understanding the Phases of a Clinical Study

A clinical study can be a very important time for a business owner. During these studies, there are typically four separate phases. These studies are often used in clinical drug development to test the safety and effectiveness of a particular

How You Can Make a Difference by Volunteering for Medical Research Studies

Modern medicine is miraculous in a lot of ways. People are living longer, better lives as a result of advancements in medicine. To that end, medical research studies are critical to moving medicine forward. Yesterday, the Penn State Health Milton

Are You Looking for a Pediatric ENT?

Few things are more important than a child’s ability to hear and to speak. When your young infant or child suffers with endless earaches and sinus problems, the search for a solution can be essential. From finding advice about an