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What to Look for in a Methadone Detox Center

The stories seem endless, and on the news constantly. Every night we are hearing reports about the addiction crisis in the U.S., especially the addiction to opioids, painkillers and heroin. And the statistics are staggering. In 2015 alone, there were

What you Need to Know about Breast Cancer Prevention

Women in the United States have a 12.4% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. However, they can increase their likelihood of detecting early on-set breast cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having regular

The Benefits To You Of A Good Bike Seat And The Types That Are Carried

Even as youngsters who used to spend entire afternoons riding around the neighborhood with friends, we knew just how painful a bike seat could be at the end of the day. In some cases we even needed to go inside

What Qualities to Look for When Finding the Right OB-GYN

If you’re pregnant or think you may become pregnant or even need help getting there, it’s important you have a relationship with a doctor who cares about you and can help you. If you find yourself searching for an OBGYN

A New Way Of Looking At Things

As the years have passed going to the optometrist has become less and less of the worrisome blunder it once was. In fact, eyeglasses have grown into an accessory of sorts for many people. With their cool patters, colors, and

What to Expect During Dyslexia Testing

Many children throughout the world are currently living with some form of dyslexia. It’s important to note that dyslexia is in no way, shape or form tied to IQ. In fact, Albert Einstein is a famous person with dyslexia who

What is Hands Free Ultrasound Therapy?

In our world, there are many, many people who suffer from pain on a daily basis. In fact, sufferers of chronic pain total more than 1.5 billion individuals. Many of these people experience nerve pain. What if there were a