3 Common Dog Health Issues

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Your dog is your best friend, so it is important to give them great care. They rely on you, but since they cannot speak it is hard for them to express their feelings! So in order to ensure your pooch is in the best health possible, keep an eye out for these pretty common dog health aliments.

Ear infections

These are especially common if your dog likes to play in the water or the dirt. They can be caused by many different things including bacteria, yeast, allergies, and hair growth in the ear canal. Some symptoms include:

Red, inflamed ear that is hot to the touch

Shaking or tilting of the head

Your pet continuously scratching at their ear

Discharge that is brown, yellow, or has blood in it

A hard time balancing

Rapid eye movements

Worms of all kinds

Your dog likes to eat, there is no secret about it. But they may come into contact with food infected with dangerous parasites, and if they do ingest these worms they can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Look for these symptoms, and then take your pet to the vet immediately. As they are dangerous they should never be treated by yourself.

Vomiting and heaving

Weight loss

Diarrhea, could be bloody

No appetite

Dry, scratchy coat

Itching their bottom on the floor

Pesky fleas

Typically, owners believe that if their animal has fleas then they will be noticeable and apparent. This is not always the case, and it only takes a couple of weeks for a few annoyances to turn into thousands of biting nuisances. Even though fleas are pretty common, they are relatively easy to treat. Symptoms include:

Excessive scratching and biting the skin

Hot spots

The look of ‘flea dirt’ on your pet’s skin

Patchy hair loss

Hot Spots

Your dog may suffer from hot spots even if they don’t have fleas. These red inflamed areas are small bacterial infections and must be treated by your veterinarian right away. They can be incredible painful for your pet, and can cause further irritation of the skin if they are not treated.

No matter the ailment, your vet has all the proper veterinary equipment needed to treat your pup. From veterinary exam tables to check their skin, or autoclaves for vets to sterilize tools, you will see quality new and refurbished veterinary equipment all over your vet’s office that you know you can count on.

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