Eating For Full Body Wellness

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More people are improving their approach to health care and reducing their dependence on commercial pharmaceuticals by supplementing conventional treatments with holistic nutrition training and other learning about holistic health. Holistic medicine, of course, is the science of a whole body, preventative approach to medicine. Holistic nutrition training focuses on some of the most important elements of this: diet and oral health.

There are many health and wellness websites now devoted to holistic techniques. These can provide some holistic nutrition training of their own, and they can be a great resource for identifying a wellness health coach or holistic counselor who can advise you about medical treatments, regular exercise and more. These health coaching websites can be a great way to learn about holistic practices like yoga, reiki, pilates and so on as complementary alternative medicine that can enhance or even replace accepted therapies and medications.

Holistic nutrition training is especially important to oral health, a major crux of holistic wellness as “the mouth is the gateway to overall health.” For a more scientific endorsement of that idea, I can tell you that a recent study found about 40 percent of Americans with gum disease were also suffering other chronic maladies. So getting into holistic nutrition training is a great way to understand that medical problems are never unconnected and often preventable!

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