3 Machines That Should Be In Your Home Gym

Having a home gym is definitely a luxury and one that can be costly depending on how much equipment you choose to buy. However, there are ways to achieve great home fitness without purchasing every machine you would find at the gym. With just a few pieces of premium fitness equipment you can get a full body workout that will have you looking and feeling great without having to leave your house.


An elliptical is one of the best pieces of cardio equipment that you can invest in. They give you a fantastic cardio workout, but they are also wonderful for the muscles in your legs and glutes. You can tone those areas while getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat. They also offer adjustable resistance settings, so you can make your workout harder as you get stronger.

Smith Machine

This is going to be one of the more expensive pieces of gym equipment you can buy, but it’s also one of the most worthwhile. Smith machines are incredibly versatile, offering the ability to do weighted squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and more. With this machine you can get a full body workout by using it in different ways. Plus it has adjustable weights and offers extra support so that you don’t need a spotter.

Weight Bench and Dumbbells

Another incredibly versatile set of premium fitness equipment is the combination of a weight bunch and dumbbells. There are workouts you can do for every part of your body using these. Plus, with a wide range of dumbbells you can keep adding more weight as your body adjusts.

With these three pieces of equipment you will have more than you need to get your body into the best shape of your life. They offer such a wide range of workout options that you can do something different every day of the week and won’t get bored. They also offer the ability to add more weight and more challenges as you become stronger, so you won’t feel held back when you work out at home. With these in your home gym, you will be in incredible in no time at all.

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