4 Conditions That are Treatable at an Urgent Care Center


The human body works quite hard to keep people healthy. Unfortunately, there are a wide number of ailments that can strike at any time. However, not all ailments are as serious as some of the more life threatening conditions. Many ailments that you live with don’t require emergency care but that doesn’t mean they should go untreated. Statistics from 2012 found that the most common urgent care diagnosis was an upper respiratory condition. You’ll find that urgent care facilities are able to treat conditions ranging from minor to certain major ailments. Here are four common conditions you might not know can be treated at an urgent care facility.

  1. Persistent Heartburn

    Many people around the nation experience the phenomenon known as heartburn. Ironically, heartburn doesn’t have much to do with the actual heart. This ailment gets its name from the painful burning feelings someone with heartburn experiences. Most cases of heartburn are caused by eating spicy foods. Certain individuals are more prone to suffering from heartburn, no matter what foods they consume. An urgent care facility will be able to diagnose and treat common causes of heartburn. People experiencing frequent bouts of heartburn might be experiencing what is known as acid reflux. It’s imperative to have acid reflux treated, as this disease can damage the lining of the esophagus.
  2. Allergies

    There are many forms of allergies that affect people all over the world. Many things can affect someone’s allergies including animals, foods, and outside air. An urgent care facility will be able to administer allergy tests. Statistics show that there are nearly 20,000 physicians currently practicing at urgent care locations. These tests are administered to find out which allergies someone is experiencing. After receiving an allergy test, you’ll have a much clearer idea of which treatments to utilize to combat allergy symptoms.
  3. Anxiety Issues

    Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental conditions. People with anxiety tend to experience high levels of stress in certain situations. Anxious individuals can become sweaty, shaky, and dizzy when dealing with something that heightens anxiety levels. Statistics show that dizziness is the second most popular compliant a doctor hears, affecting 70% of the nation’s population. It’s understandable to think that psychiatric treatment is needed when dealing with anxiety which isn’t true. You’ll find it much less expensive to seek out urgent care treatment for anxiety problems.
  4. Blood Work

    People need to have blood work conducted for various reasons. Many people have blood work done as a preventative care measure. It makes sense to learn about any diseases that might affect you while they’re in the early stages of development. A lot of diseases can be detected from the presence of blood work. You don’t have to look for a place that specifically offers blood testing. An urgent care facility employs staff that can collect blood in a safe and efficient manner.

In closing, there are several common conditions that are easily treatable through visiting a nearby urgent care center. Many people living with heartburn seek treatment for this persistent condition. Allergies affect a lot of people each year. It’s wise to visit an urgent care center to receive allergy tests. These tests help ensure you know exactly which allergies you have and how to treat them. If you’re suffering from anxiety, an urgent care location can help you find treatments to curb feelings of anxiousness. Many people visit these locations to receive blood work. Urgent care centers continue to accurately diagnose and treat many ailments throughout a typical day.

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