6 Tips to Help You Have a Better Ibogaine Detox Experience

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

Once you remove tobacco products from the equation, you are left with more than 20 million Americans over the age of we who are suffering from some kind of addiction. So, if you have problems with drugs or alcohol, you are by no means alone. The good news is that there are things you can do to recover from your addiction and have a productive life. If you are looking at going to ibogaine detox facility, you may wonder what you should do to prepare yourself for the experience. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Get your mind ready for the experience. For at least five days before your arrival at the ibogaine detox center, you need to abstain from any alcohol. In addition, you should start to prepare your mind for the treatment that you will be receiving once your ibogaine drug treatment begins. The first step of any recovery process is to ready your mind.
  2. Eat a nutritious diet and get yourself hydrated. The detox process is hard on your body. You need to make sure you eat the healthiest food as you can find before you begin your ibogaine treatment. You need to drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverages in the days before your arrival at the ibogaine clinic. This will put your body in the best possible shape to get through what is to come.
  3. Dress in comfortable attire. No matter what detox route you decide to take, the experience is not going to be a comfortable one. If you go into the process knowing that, it will be a lot easier for you. One way to make yourself feel a little better is to wear clothing that is a lot more comfortable. Detox is not a fashion show. Many people say they got through the process better by wearing layers of clothing. Your body deals with changes in temperature differently when you are in detox so this can help when you feel cold one minute and hot the next.
  4. Dizziness will happen. It does not matter what substance you are detoxing from, for at least the first few days you should expect to experience some amount of dizziness. This is totally normal. There are staff members at the ibogaine treatment center who can help you if you need help getting to the bathroom. It is much better that you ask for help when you need it than fall and injure yourself. That is what the staff is there for. Just let the people who work there know what you need. They want to help, you just have to let them.
  5. You cannot rush the experience. There is no set timetable for recovery from drugs or alcohol. It will happen on its own timeline. Just because you know someone who was able to get through the detox process in just a day or two does not mean you will have the same experience so do not force artificial deadlines on yourself or your body. If you try to make yourself through the process using someone else’s experience as your guide, you will make things a lot harder on yourself. Detox is a hard enough experience, you do not need to make it any harder.
  6. Try to stay positive. There will be times during the detox and recovery process when you want to give up. There will be good days and bad days. Many people find meditation helpful. It can also be a good idea to remember that whatever bad feelings you are experiencing are not going to last forever. You will get through this. Another thing people do is try to remember the reasons you are going through recovery. Keep an eye on your goals and you will make it through the bad days. They say a positive attitude is your best friend in recovery and that is true. Try it and you may surprise yourself.

Detox and recovery from drugs and alcohol are very hard. Anyone who tells you any different does not know what they are talking about. The good news is that you can get through it. Stay positive. Stay strong. Put yourself first during this process.

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