Archery Training The Facts Behind the Bow

Archery has been a long standing sport, known by its distinct use of the bow and arrow, immense concentration, and determination of the athlete. During the 1988 Olympics, Denise Parker won a bronze medal for the USA at age 13 by shooting a 28-pound draw-weight bow. Her determination was ever present as her accomplishment required proper training and focus for years before her Olympic event.

While some individuals who may not understand the skill and focus required for archery may feel that the sport is dangerous due to its required equipment, the National Safety Council’s recent statistics actually show that archery is more than three times safer than golf, with just one injury per every 2000 participants.

Plus, more than 90% of bow-related injuries actually occur while bow-hunting not target shooting. It’s important to remember that injuries occur in every sport, but the help of an archery release trainer helps to prevent unnecessary injuries that can occur with improper technique or form.

Not only is archery a safe sport, it is also an incredibly physical one. The Economist compared the caloric usage of winning an Olympic gold medal to 10 minutes of other activities like dancing, sweeping, snorkeling, and vacuuming; a gold-medal winning archer can burn an estimated 1,084 calories! At archery tournaments, archers walk around five miles each day and can burn between 100 to 150 active calories every 30 minutes.

In order to keep up with the caloric demand that archery requires, it is important that archers are not wasting precious calories due to improper technique, this is where an archery release trainer can help. By focusing on the crucial technique that archery requires with the help of an archery release trainer, archers can prevent unnecessary injuries and use their bodies in an appropriate way.

Archery training increases the archer’s skill while decreasing the chance of archery shoulder pain. By performing archery strength training exercises, archers can increase their strength and allow for more confidence while at tournaments or competitions while limiting their chances of having an injury forcing them to take time off.

In 2016, the number of archery participants aged six years and older amounted to approximately 7.9 million individuals. This immense number of archers allows for archery training equipment to be more readily accessible. Whether it is a bow training aid, archery training app, or even archery strength exercises, there is an option for nearly every archer available.

These archery training devices, exercises, and aids allow archers to truly hone their skills and perfect their form. Even the most experienced archer can benefit from looking into archery training aids and determining what may be the right choice for them.

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