Are You Looking for a Way to Improve Your Overall Health?

The use of conservative care, and non pharmaceutical care like physical therapy, chiropractic care, and massage are increasingly important in these most challenging of times. In fact, as hospital beds across the nation continue to be filled with Covid patients, it should come as no surprise that many people are looking for a way to stay as healthy and active as possible.

At a time when preexisting conditions of high blood pressure and cholesterol and obesity serve as a significant indicator to how a person might react to the contraction of the Coronavirus. A conservative care approach that is offered by a growing number of chiropractic offices is an approach that looks at a person’s overall health and works to create a pathway to a healthier you.

In fact, a visit to a chiropractor today is not just a one and done event. If you go in with a headache, for instance, a recently licensed chiropractor is going to spend 30 minutes talking to you and searching for the root cause of the headache. For a $60 cash price, in fact, you can find the relief you need at an affordable rate. And while chiropractors are just as likely to take the insurance provider that you have, it is important to note that there are a growing number of patients who opt for the less expensive cash payment option. The old belief of going into a chiropractor who is going to crack you from head to toe and send you on your way is diminishing as more and more chiropractic school graduates are employing overall health assessments with all of their new patient visits.

Back Adjustment Tools Are Just One of the Ways Chiropractors Help Their Patients

With the use of functional assessment equipment, range of motion testing solutions, and other kinds of physical assessment software, a trained chiropractor can help patients get the non pharmaceutical care that so many Americans are seeking. And using functional assessment tools that many people may have previously only thought were employed by physical therapists, there are a growing number of chiropractic offices that spend far more time using equipment beyond back adjustment tools.

As chiropractors continue to offer more traditional services of the past, it is important to note that if everyone in the country were to replace even a single visit to a doctor with a visit to a chiropractor for back pain, could save Medicare $83.5 million every yea. For this and many other reasons, four out of 10 Americans will approach a chiropractor before a doctor when suffering from lower back pain. With a goal of treating a patient with non pharmaceutical care, many chiropractors find themselves busier than ever before. And in a time when the crowded waiting rooms of pediatric and family doctors are in no one’s best interest, it is important to know that the same place where back adjustment tools are used, there are also many other kinds of treatment options.
Offering everything from diet and exercise guidance to treatments for pregnant mothers, it is important to note that today’s chiropractic offices provide a full range of health care options. Unfortunately, across the world more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain. And even though there are plenty of medications that can provide short term relief to this back pain, more and more patients are searching for a longer lasting, non addictive approach.

Chronic inflammation affects millions of Americans. As an example, arthritis and joint diseases, one common type of chronic inflammation, affects 350 million people around the world and 43 million people in the U.S. alone. And given that the human body has more than 650 muscles, there are many sources for the pain that so many Americans face on a daily basis. Finding a way past this pain with back adjustment tools, while at the same time receiving encouraging ways to approach an overall more healthy lifestyle, patients who visit a chiropractor first often find the greatest amount of success. The latest research shows that while only 56% of patients who saw a doctor saw a 30% reduction in low back pain, 94% of patients who underwent treatment with a chiropractor saw a 30% reduction in low back pain after four weeks.

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