Buying and Fixing the Finest Sunglasses

For centuries, people around the world have sought ways to reduce the strain of strong sunlight on the naked eye. As far back as 12th century China, for example, people wore primitive sunglasses that could shade the eyes from the sun and also hide a person’s identity in court. Companies such as Oakley are hard at work making anti glare technology, clear lenses, replacement lenses, and much more for their customers and their sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses, for example, may be found online, and a person who needs their shades fixed can search “oakley sunglasses replacement lenses” online. In fact, today’s sunglasses come in a bigger variety of shapes, sizes, quality, and features than ever before. Online catalogs can offer Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses and more, and any customer can get the right pair of shades. When did all this start, and why should someone look for Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses, for example?

Development of Sunglasses

A number of eye-protecting devices have been devised and used for centuries, but sunglasses as they are known today were developed in the 1930s. An inventor named Mr. Land, who had experience with Polaroid used his expertise in this area, decided to create new eyeglasses that were tinted and could also reduce the amount of UV light striking the eyeballs. This was done in 1936. Before then, sunglasses could really only reduce the glare that struck the eyes thanks to tinting effects, but now, UV light could be reduced as well. And with World War II looming, and the rising use of airplanes for battle, aviators needed these sunglasses in particular. At the time, the company Ray-Ban developed anti-glare aviator sunglasses, which made use of the polarizing lenses that Mr. Land had developed. Now, pilots could protect their eyes from strong sunlight during flight, and the frames had their distinctive drooping shape so that pilots could look at their instrument panels without exposing their eyes to sunlight directly. These aviator-style sunglasses were distributed to pilots free of charge in the late 1930s, and have been used ever sine by both military personnel and civilians.

Sunglasses For Fun

Airplane pilots have a workplace need for sunglasses, but this is not the only time when sunglasses can be found. Today, sunglasses are often worn outside in the sun, for anything from gardening to watching a sports event and beyond. These sunglasses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as mentioned above, and the lenses may vary in color, shape, and UV protection strength. Customers can choose from metal or plastic frames, and sunglasses are often popular accessories for a person’s look. Some sunglasses are quick and cheap pairs that can be found at such places as a convenience store, but they can also be more high-quality and costly for better aesthetics and effect. A person can even get sunglasses that are made with their prescriptions. That is, a person who wears regular eyeglasses can also get sunglasses that correct their vision, making them highly convenient for those who cannot see well without their glasses.

Sometimes, sunglasses may get damaged, broken, or lost, and this calls for sunglasses repair or replacement for these frames. A customer may look up “oakley sunglasses replacement lenses” online, for example, if their sunglasses lenses are badly damaged or have fallen out entirely. Sunglasses can be mailed to the manufacturer for repair and can be sent back as good as new, and some sunglasses can have minor repairs done at a local eyeglasses shop. Minor repairs may include bending the nose pad supports or the frames if they are warped, and this repair might even be done free of charge in some cases. And some sunglasses may even come with extra features. As of the 2000s, some sunglasses models came with tiny radios or music players built into them as a fun feature for interested customers. The owner of such sunglasses may also send them in for repairs if this small music player has been damaged or stops working.

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