Ear Pain 6 Ways to Manage and Alleviate it

Pain is unfortunately something that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes the pain can be alleviated, but other times individuals must seek out alternate methods of pain management. It is estimated that one out of every four Americans experience pain lasting more than 24 hours and over a million individuals experience what is known as acute pain. Both instances can leave you looking for immediate relief of whatever pain you feel, and ear pain is no difference. Use these methods below to get some relief from your ear pain.


When dealing with an ear infection or ear pain and attempting some form of pain management a warm or cold compress can provide temporary relief. This method of pain management is safe for children or adults, which makes it a popular choice. A wet rag with cold water, or one placed in the freezer works well for cold compresses. A warm rag with warm water or microwaved is an ideal warm compress. An old sock with beans or rice is another idea for a cold or warm compress. Alternate between hot and cold every 10 minutes for maximum benefits. When heating a compress in microwave, heat at 10 second increments and always check for heat before placing on a child’s ear. This method can help until an appointment can be made with an urgent care clinic or your family doctor.


Over the counter medications (OTC’s) are effective for pain management with an ear infection. These can include pain relievers and ear drops. These medications can be beneficial at easing pain until an appointment can be made with your family practice doctor or pediatrician. Always make sure to read and follow label directions when taking OTCs or giving them to children. While these medications help ease pain, if not taken properly they can do more harm than good.


Hydrogen peroxide is beneficial in relieving ear pain from an ear infection. Several drops can be placed directly inside the affected ear. Leave the drops for several minutes then turn the head to drain the peroxide out of the ear. It can take several minutes for the peroxide to drain out of the ear, so put a towel down to allow it to drain into a sink.

Tea Tree Oil

Another effective natural remedy for ear pain is tea tree oil. The antibiotic properties and anti-fungal properties are beneficial for the ear infection and the ear pain. A few drops can be placed inside of the ear by themselves, or the oil can be mixed with olive oil or coconut oil.

Garlic or Onions

Both of these have antibacterial properties which can help remedy the infection and help alleviate pain associated with the infections. Boil an onion or a clove of garlic and strain. Use a couple drops and place directly into the ear. Always check the liquid to make sure that is is not still too warm to go inside of the ear. The liquid should be no warmer than your body temperature in order to keep from burning the inside of the ear.


A chiropractor can do more than help just your back pain. Regular appointments can help with chronic ear pain that occurs even when there is no infection. Chiropractors can help a multitude of problems and relieve pain in the back, neck and head. Sometimes when there is no ear infection but there is still pain, it stems from another cause. A chiropractor can relieve stress in these areas which in turn can help chronic ear pain that is hard to get rid of.

Many times when people experience pain they think that they need something to make the pain stop, but unfortunately pain medicines are highly addictive. Approximately four out of five individuals who use drugs started out by abusing prescription pain killers. The availability of these medicines shows increasing amounts of drug use by individuals abusing these prescriptions, therefore it is always best to seek out alternative forms of pain management and save the prescriptions painkillers as an absolute last resort.

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