EMF Waves and How to Protect Against Them

Emf radiation deflector

EMF or electromagnet fields are created by pretty much everything, naturally, including our own bodies. However, the EMFs emitted naturally are very low in intensity. Technology has caught on to these waves in order to advance cell phone service and power lines, for example and they are much higher in intensity. So much so that they can pose health risks to humans. Part of the real danger is that you can see the electromagnetic fields so people just don’t think that much about them anymore. It’s hard to consider something when you can’t see it but that’s what makes things so much more dangerous. We’ve all heard about the radiation that can come through your cell phone but how many of us have actually look into how to block EMFs or taken measures to find target protection for ourselves? There are cell phone radiation blockers available that are not expensive.

In a study done in 2012, exposure the a laptop connected to Wi-Fi for less than four hours resulted in decreased sperm viability. It was found that children whose mothers used cell phones during pregnancy ended up having to deal with 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more conduct problems, and 34% more peer problems. Bioeffects can happen within a few minutes at levels like what would be associated with cell and cordless phone use. EMFs are real and harmful and we need to be aware of them.

What are the Dangers of EMF waves?
We have just the right amount of electromagenetic waves in our bodies to help regulate many of the processes that our bodies go through on a day to day basis. This is a good thing and part of what helps our bodies to function to well. However, artificial EMFs add to the EMFs our cells already contain and are far are too strong for the body to handle along with its own and it can begin to affect the way that your body functions. Sleep cycles can be disturbed, stress levels can be elevated, immune systems can be lowered and it can even affect your DNA on various levels. Basically every system in your body can be negatively impacted by EMFs in some way or another. Based on scientific studies, these are some other side affects that can be linked to overexposure of EMFs:

  1. Blood disorders
  2. Leukemia
  3. Cancer
  4. Cell growth
  5. Cell membrane effects
  6. Cataracts
  7. Miscarriages
  8. Birth defects
  9. Genetic damage
  10. Skin cancer
  11. Premature aging
  12. Central Nervous System effects
  13. Immune system

What are some things that emit EMFs?
EMFs are separated into 7 different categories. Extremely low frequency, very low frequency, radio frequencies, microwaves, infrared, soft x-rays and hard x-rays.

  1. Extremely Low Frequency
    Power lines
    Hydro lines

  2. Very Low Frequency
    Electric appliances

  3. Radio Frequencies

  4. Microwaves
    Microwave ovens
    Cell phones

  5. Infrared and Ultraviolet

  6. Soft X-rays
    Medical x-rays

  7. Hard X-rays
    Nuclear fall out

What are some ways to block EMF?
Now that you know the dangers of EMf, it’s important to know how you EMF shielding appropriately. There are several technological products that you can use for EMF shielding, but you first you need to understand avoidance.

The best way to avoid EMFs is to not use the appliances that cause EMFs. It may be hard but it would be very beneficial to your and your family’s health in the long run. At least, protect an area and then never use equipment that gives of EMFs in that area. Using equipment that emits radiation or EMFs within a protected space can cause serious issues. If and when possible, avoid using anything that emits EMF waves all together. That is the best form of protection. However, it is understandable that you cannot also just not use something in order to keep up with the world today. Here are a few products that are known for EMF shielding.

  1. Blocking Foil – blocks against high frequency and when grounded, low frequency waves
  2. Blocking metal plats – also known as shielding film can be put over windows to protect the home.
  3. Active protection system – this is a much more sophisticated system that can block line of sight waves from fairly far away.
  4. Dirty electricity filters – These are filters that you can install in your home that literally remove the dirty electricity or the EMF waves.

Articial EMF waves are real and dangerous, unfortunately and we must take advantage of EMF shielding to keep ourselves protected as much as we possibly can. Read more.

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