FUE Hair Transplants Create a Natural Look

Hair transplant surgery

There are many different causes of hair loss: natural aging, stress, illness, poor health and nutrition. But they all have one common psychological result, leading to a loss of confidence that spills over into all areas of life. Even when it is part of the aging process and due to known genetic influences, hair loss acts adversely on the individual’s self-confidence, affecting all aspects of life and work. Many remedies for preventing or reversing hair loss promise miracles but achieve little by way of results. This makes people understandably reluctant to visit a hair transplant clinic, which might be able to help them.
That’s a pity because there are new hair replacement treatments that can help. One of these is FUE, a minimally invasive method of transplanting hair to create a natural look. FUE hair transplant is preferred to older methods of hair restoration because it eliminates the risk of scars and infection.

The problem of hair loss
More than 95% of hair loss in men is due to common male pattern baldness (MPB). This is part of the natural aging process and sets in around the age of 35 years. By this age, two-thirds of all American men will notice some amount of hair loss. And by the time they are 50, the greater majority or around 85% of men have lost a significantly amount of hair. This is because the normal pattern of hair growth and regeneration slows down with age.
For those suffering from hair loss, the consequences can be devastating. Watching their appearance change can be a visible sign of aging and can lead to profound depression. Despite that fact that in the U.S. alone, there are around 35 million men dealing with hair loss or baldness, it can be very difficult for the individual to go through this process.

What is FUE?
Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a new procedure used by hair transplant clinics. Follicular units are the hair groupings of one to four hairs growing together naturally in the scalp. These are removed and grafted to areas of the scalp where the thinning is most noticeable. This is most commonly the hairline and temple area.
Compared to older techniques of hair transplant, FUE is minimally invasive and doesn’t leave scars. It reduces the risk of infection and complications, and has a shorter recovery time. A hair transplant clinic can carry out a major FUE hair transplant job in a single day. Multiple procedures are not needed.

Shorter recovery times with FUE
FUE hair transplants are typically done under local anesthetic and take about eight hours. During this time the patient can take breaks, eat lunch, and listen to music for relaxation. Mild painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed for post-procedure care. Healing times vary for individuals, but it takes only a few days for the grafts to take root and the redness to subside.

FUE transplants create a natural look and help to restore self-confidence and a positive outlook on life.

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