Gyms and Health Clubs Can Use Software to Track Clients’ Progress

Every year, almost 60 million people go to a gym or health club to exercise. However, many serious exercisers and athletes use products such as Fitbits or step tracker apps because of their ability to track fitness data. This is where gym memberships seem to be lacking in comparison. However, there is software available to make it easier to track a client’s progress towards their fitness goals within a gym or other health club.

This health club management software as it is sometimes called provides a unique management system for gyms to give clients a way to track their data. This can include a check in software for gyms for clients to know how long they worked out. This could prove particularly useful if a client visits different gyms or health clubs sporadically. A regular schedule can be fairly easy to keep track of, but random desires to go to the gym and work out for two hours at a time are another matter.

It also gives a more convenient option to people who want to exercise more but aren’t willing or able to get Fitbits or other fitness trackers. With over 30,000 gyms and health clubs across the United States, this software would be more accessible to more people. This means that those that want to use it can have it available to them without having to shell out hundreds of dollars to keep track of their health goals.

It also gives members accountability. It is estimated that almost 70% of people with memberships to a gym or health club don’t actually use them. By being able to see how often you’re actually going or what kind of impact you’re making on your body, it will be easier to keep your motivation high instead of fizzling out after a month because you aren’t immediately seeing results.

Like apps that track your heart rate or bpm, health club management software could also keep you from overworking yourself. If you’re a beginner it could be tempting to go and train for five hours, but if you have the numbers in front of you, it will be easy to see how much strain that takes on your body.

Talk to your local gym to see if they have plans to implement this software. It could provide the kind of motivation you’ve been waiting for to get in shape.

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