How to Choose the Best Bike For You

The world of bikes is vast and full of options, so it’s understandable if you are initially overwhelmed when trying to find the right bike frame for you. In order to make the process easier over for you, we will break down the different types of bikes and their uses so that you can decide which kind best fits your needs. That way you will have an idea of what you want when you go to the bike shop.

  • Road Bikes

    This bike is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bike made for riding or racing on roads. It does best on smooth pavement. Road bikes include racing, endurance, cyclocross, and touring bikes.
  • Mountain Bikes

    This is what you want ride if you plan to do a lot of off road cycling. They have shock-absorbing features, improved break systems, and lower gear settings to handle rocky and bumpy trails. This type includes cross-country and trail bikes.
  • Hybrid Bikes

    These are a hybrid of road and mountain bikes that allow you to get more range out of your bicycle. They provide the speed of a road bike and the comfort and stability of a mountain bike. They are wonderful for commuting due to their ability to handle more than one terrain.
  • Specialty Bikes

    This category is very broad and includes cargo, cruiser, electric, and folding bikes. A cargo bike frame is great for people who cycle to make deliveries. Electric bikes are good for longer commutes, because the battery powered engine makes riding less strenuous. Cruisers are ideal for someone just wants to ride around town for fun. Folding bikes are a good fit for anyone who needs to be able to fold up their bike and store it when they are done using it.

Now that you have a better idea about what kind of bikes are offered you can make a more informed decision on what to get. It all depends on your lifestyle and needs. Bicycle shops can help you to make the right choice as well. They can also assist you with any kind of supplies or replacement pieces you need down the road. Things like bike bags, toe clips, or a new track chain can all be purchased in store or online.

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