If You are Thinking I Need a Doctor Detox is Where You Need to go

Drug and alcohol addiction has reached epidemic proportions throughout the United States. The opioid crisis has taken so many lives that the government has stepped in to provide additional funding for addiction services throughout the country.

When someone suffering for addiction is ready for help, they must first go through medical drug detox. Detoxing can be dangerous as the individual will get physically ill throughout the process. Going through detox while under medical care is the safest option and will prevent the patient from giving in to the urge to use while detoxing.

Acute withdrawal typically lasted between three and five days, but there is also post-acute withdrawal syndrome, which can last up to a year after the individual stops using. However, withdrawal symptoms and duration will vary based on the individual, how much they use, and what they use.

Before anything can happen, the individual must understand and be able to verbalize I need a doctor Detox can not be started until the individual suffering from the addiction asks for help.

There are a wide range of detoxification and treatment centers throughout the United States that take a multitude of different approaches. Some programs are a few weeks while others are a year or longer. There are programs that involve animals, physical activity,or service, while other programs are more traditional and take place in a hospital-like setting.

While there are proven best practices in helping people recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. If you think, I need a doctor detox is where you are going to start. While detox programs also vary, few are more than 10 days long.

Once the individual is physically detoxed from the drug they were taking, they can move on to a rehabilitation program. Many programs include a peer support component that allows people new to recovery to work with and learn from those in long-term recovery.

Peer support programs have been used in a variety of different ways and are the basis of most support group programs.

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