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Many people in this country are looking for a program or process to lose weight and inches! According to statistics, many people are overweight and want to lose weight. There are also a number of people who feel good about their body and looks but, also according to statistics, are above the “ideal” weight. Actually those statistics indicate that the majority of adults are considered to be obese or overweight, more than two of every three adults. What is obesity you ask? If you weigh 20% or more of the normal weight according to your height, or what is considered to be the normal weight, would indicate that you are obese. Who sets the “normal weight”? That amount is set by the medical profession, which points to another reason to use a medical weight loss program, since that group is more likely to know the current philosophy and statistics set by the medical profession.

Using a medical weight loss program may be the safest way to enter into a weight loss program! A medical weight loss program is managed by a medical doctor or a medical group and monitor not only your weight loss but your other medical statistics as well. Measuring your weight against your height is how your body mass index or BMI is determined. The chart that shows your weight in comparison to your height will give you the body mass number. Doctors now use BMI more often than just using your actual weight now to indicate if you are overweight or obese – or possibly if you are at the perfect weight according to your height>

Finding a weight loss center near you is an important step Weight loss centers and weight loss clinics are popular and are there to help people lose weight and inches. One aspect of the weight loss center is whether or not the center has a medical weight loss program. Also you should consider if the clinic is near you because if you have to travel long distances or spend time getting back and forth to the clinic, it can make it harder to join or participate and also harder to maintain your participation.

Medical weight loss program will usually contain an eating program. There will be nutritional and calorie counting and monitoring, an accounting of fat and cholesterol content in the food you eat. The medical weight loss program may contain a line of foods to eat or a certain grocery line to use so the dieter does not have to make choices that will be over the calorie or fat content for the day. About 5% of people want items like shakes or bars as part of a meal replacement program while a larger percentage, about 6%, prefer to use frozen food or diet company food. However the biggest majority of people who are dieting, 61% would prefer to use their regular grocery store to purchase food for their eating program.

Some people want to enter into a medical weight loss program simply to lose weight and have a better self image or fit into their clothes better. For many people, one of the most important reasons to find and participate in a medical weight loss program is to improve their health. Good nutrition and a body weight that is within the prescribed numbers can improve your risk for many different serious health conditions, from cancer to heart disease. Eating right, losing weight and starting an exercise program that is monitored by a medical weight loss program and recommended by medical associations have been proven to increase health and avoid life-threatening disease.

What could be more important than improving your health and possibly increasing your longevity? Sign up for and stay involved in a medical weight loss program and you may be on the road to better health while also changing how you feel every day. You may feel renewed energy and an overall improved sense of well being, self esteem and good health.

Do you have friends and family that would also benefit from a medical weight loss program?

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