One Billion People Around The World Suffer From Back Pain Knowing When To See A Chiropractor

Back pain can start to seem like an inevitablity after a while.

Skipping flights of stairs and winding down with a heating pad at night, these little habits soon slip into your everyday life and become nearly irreplaceable. That’s the function of chronic pain and an issue millions of working Americans today are trying to reconcile with. Whether it’s lower back pain that has you hunching more often than not or upper back pain causing you to roll your shoulders in agitation, it’s time to take this as a sign for change. Back pain disorders are more common than you realize and something that can be treated with a visit to the right specialist.

Private practice sessions with Dr. Michael Sinel could see you finally breathing easy for the first time in months.

No matter the profession, back pain is a common thread that links many working Americans together. An industry study on chronic pain treatment has concluded as much as one-half of all American adults today have back pain symptoms each year. Experts have also gone at length to stress 80% of the population or more will experience a back pain problem at some point in their lives. Upper and lower back pain remains the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, beaten only by upper-respiratory infections.

What about the rest of the world? The numbers aren’t much better. Over one and a half billion people worldwide are suffering with minor to severe chronic pain, ranging from knee pain to hip pain. What makes chronic pain such a prevalent issue are the plethora of factors that go into developing it in the first place. Lower back pain can be exacerbated by poor posture at the computer for hours on end. Upper back pain is often made worse by lifting heavy loads improperly. Age can make already existing issues worse and a lack of awareness about pain reduction can leave many hurting so bad they can hardly walk.

Americans today are in dire need of private practice sessions that pinpoint the source of their pain and put them on the track toward recovery. A recent study of American adults found 80% of respondents stating chiropractic care could help the immensely with neck or back pain. Another survey by Statista saw 30% of American adults with back problems citing stress to be a major contributor, while another 25% blamed weak muscles and a general lack of exercise. Yet another 25% brought up physical labor as to why their health has been deteriorating.

Chiropractors today offer multiple private practice sessions that can stretch stiff muscles, stimulate blood flow and reduce pain. You can also apply for lifestyle changes. Yoga is a wonderful way to manage chronic pain and reach out to like-minded people for support. There are over 35 million yoga participants in the United States today, with some going weekly and others once or twice per month. A study published by Annals Of Internal Medicine surveyed over 300 people and found a weekly yoga class to increase mobility significantly.

There are resources available to help you take a bite out of your chronic pain and get you feeling more like your old self again. The best way to accomplish this, however, is to meet with a professional that knows the human body inside and out. While one source of back pain can be caused by the onset of age, another can be affected by spinal disorders in need of minor surgery. Getting to the root of your issue is far better than crossing your fingers and hoping for better. Private practice sessions and yoga classes can mitigate chronic pain in the meantime and return your flexibility to you.

Chronic pain doesn’t have to define your life. How could a meeting with a chiropractor change the way you look at your world?

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