Pros and Cons to the PiYo Workout Plan

Piyo workout

You may or may not have heard of the new PiYo method for working out. It is a very challenging technique that incorporates Pilates and yoga. All at the same time PiYo will make you burn calories, work on muscle tone and balance as well as stretch out your body. Sometimes there is a PiYo meal planner that fits in with the workouts but basically, the whole point of PiYo is that there are no weights used, no jumping around and going crazy but still offer excellent results by combining the muscle sculpting moves of Pilates and the flexibility and balance of yoga. Could PiYo be right for you? Well, before we do anything else, let’s stop and take a look at some of the great things about PiYo.


  1. Energetic PiYo Coaches
    The trainers that teach PiYo really believe in what they are doing. They have experienced the before and after and no what could be in store for someone that really gives it a chance. They are very passionate and energetic and it makes the class really enjoyable and fun rather than focusing on the pain side of it!
  2. Easily Follow-able Instructions
    Have you ever been to a workout class and you just had no idea what you were doing? Maybe the class was so fast paced you couldn’t keep up, or the instructions were so complicated but the exercise didn’t let you look at the instructor to copy his or her moves. Well, PiYo is not like that. The instructions are simple and the moves are obtainable.

  3. Workout Variety
    There are so many different types of workouts that you can incorporate into your fitness plan. The different workouts work different parts of your body so it’s exactly encouraged not to do the same workout every day otherwise your body might get used to it and you won’t see changes as quickly as you might like.

  4. Ability to Modify Exercises
    One of the great things about Piyo is that it can be used at every level of workout. If you are just starting to get back into shape, then the PiYo exercises can be modified to fit in with your level of ability. You can then work your way up to the more difficult versions of each exercise as your experience level grows.

  5. No Equipment
    There is no need for any kind of equipment in PiYo. The focus is entirely on the body and how you can manipulate your own body to give you the workout that you need. This means that there is no need to learn how a piece of equipment works and the exercises can be done anywhere.

  6. Low Impact
    Many people have problems with their knees or feet or backs but Piyo allows every to workout without causing further damage to those area. The fact that there is no jumping or weights helps to alleviate any pain that might have happened through those types of moves.

It’s not just about the exercises however. For maximum results you should follow the PiYo meal planner.

PiYo Meal Planner
The PiYo meal planner consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for every day of the week and even includes a take out or restaurant option to make it more convenient. It is not complicated to follow and are very easy meals that anyone can make.

Now let’s take a look at some of the problems that you might encounter if you do choose to get in shape with PiYo.


  1. Easy Videos
    We’re talking, a little too easy. If you are already used to working out you might not feel like you are being challenged.

  2. Short Videos
    While some people might appreciate short videos, you may want to add another workout to the video or do several. The website claims that each video is going to be between 25 and 45 minutes long but they are actually more like 18 to 30 minutes.

  3. Burnout
    There is a 60 day schedule that you can follow, but if you are very strict about it, you may burnout. Some people prefer to do PiYo only a few days of the week instead of every day.

Now that you have all the facts, you can decide for yourself whether or not this method of working out and eating is going to be something that fits in with your lifestyle.

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