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There are dozens of reasons why Kansas City residents seek out dentists each year. In fact, Kansas city gum disease, Kansas City jaw pain, Kansas City Oral surgery, and Kansas City root canal are just some of the reasons to find reliable dental care. In addition, when these issues arise without warning, it can be an excellent idea to have a Kansas City emergency dentist to rely on. Whether you are looking for a Kansas City cosmetic dentist to help you feel better about your smile or a Kansas City emergency dentist to help relieve suspicious tooth pain that has set in quickly, there are multiple ways these dental care providers can assist you.

Dental care has grown in popularity throughout the last few decades. Perhaps one of the reasons this is so is due to the research of Dr. Paul Keyes. In the 1960s, Dr. Keyes discovered that tooth decay was primarily caused by a strain of bacteria referred to as Streptococcus Mutans. Once this discovery was made, a variety of dental care procedures were developed to assist individuals in better oral care. In fact, a Kansas City emergency dentist is likely to not simply see individuals experiencing emergency conditions. You can also research Kansas City emergency dentist locations where you can schedule your regular dental checkups throughout the year.

Another great reason to see a Kansas City emergency dentist or other dental care practitioner is that these individuals can refer you to specialists to help you with the overall appearance of your smile. In the United States today, more than one billion dollars is spent on tooth whitening products and procedures annually. In addition, more than half of patients seeking cosmetic dentistry procedures are between the ages of forty one and sixty. While the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that two thirds of patients interested in cosmetic dentistry are female, there are a variety of male patients who are also seeking out these types of procedures to feel better about their smiles. A dentist can advise about the most common and the most successful forms of dental procedures to help improve your smile, including dental implants. It has been reported that dental implants have a success rate of close to ninety eight percent. In addition, dental implants are known to last a lifetime, as long as they are supplemented with proper maintenance and care.
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