Taking Charge of Your Sleep Disorder

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Sleep disorders are a very real thing and have been since humankind began snoring and keeping spouses awake. Today, we have the technology to aid both men and women sleep well through the night so that they can function well the next morning and throughout the day.

If you have a sleep disorder, you are not alone. You are not alone by a long shot. There are roughly 42 million Americans who suffer from some kind of sleep disordered breathing. That translates to about 20% of adults who have a mild obstructive sleep apnea, while one out of every fifteen American adults has a case that is moderate to severe.

Today’s technology is very promising when it comes to treating people with sleep apnea. The home medical equipment that patients take with them and use during the night is saving their lives in many different ways. A continuous positive airway pressure machine, or a CPAP machine, is one of the most effective ways to treat sleep apnea.

When it is diagnosed, doctors can help patients learn how to use the machine on their own at home. CPAP supplies in addition to the machine make the treatment a bit of an ordeal, but most patients say that the CPAP supplies and machine are relatively easy to use once you get the hang of things.

The CPAP machine is obviously the main component of the system, but the CPAP supplies are what make it actually work for you. Things like the hose that hooks up the machine to the mask you wear while you sleep are things you need right away. Hypoallergenic filters and even certain kinds of pillows are the CPAP supplies that keep you breathing all through the night.

When you have sleep apnea but don’t know it, it can be some of the most confusing and frustrating times of your life. Never getting enough sleep can wear on you and put you in very dangerous situations. Think about how impaired you are when you get behind the wheel. It is just as dangerous as if you were getting behind the wheel after drinking too much.

Not to mention the fact that you could very easily die during the overnight as you sleep. Your impaired breathing is more than just an annoying snore. It is a symptom that something is very wrong with your body. You are simply not getting enough air.

With the CPAP machine, you can take control of your sleep apnea. Getting your CPAP supplies from the medical supply store could be the very supplies that end up saving your life.

You do not have to be a slave to your sleep apnea diagnosis. With the technology that is in place today, you can rest easily with a simple machine that hooks you up to the air that you are are not receiving properly without it. Take back your sleep. Take back your life.

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