The Benefits To You Of A Good Bike Seat And The Types That Are Carried

Even as youngsters who used to spend entire afternoons riding around the neighborhood with friends, we knew just how painful a bike seat could be at the end of the day. In some cases we even needed to go inside for ice or had to stay off of our bikes for a whole day because the pain in your rump made you too uncomfortable to benefits of having a comfortable bike seat mean being able to continue riding for hours. A biker who often find themselves enjoying long rides knows that if your bicycle saddles aren’t good saddles there is going to be pain after you’ve been sitting still for so long. In the big world of bicycle saddles what types of comfortable bike seats are best for you?

Walking into the store your head begins to spin, there are so many colors and options that it is hard to keep track of everything around you. Even if you’ve been riding for fun or professionally there are so many options that figuring out what is best for you can be moderately overwhelming. Black, brown, carbon, leather… with so many options breaking down what you need and what you don’t can be difficult. Considering an estimated 1.2 billion bikes have been sold every year for the past three someone has to know what they’re talking about. Let us go through some of your options. Maybe this will help with all of your decision making before you set out on the road with your bike.

Carbon fiber bike seats

Unlike traditional bike saddles, carbon fiber bike seats are known to be lighter in comparison. These seats are able absorb the impact from the uneasy road. This makes traveling by bike easier on the bikers back. Made with a stronger material than traditional bicycle saddles, these bike seats can withstand more conditions. For someone who needs something strong on the wear and tear of every day life, carbon fiber might be a bicycle seat to consider.

Leather bicycle seat

Coming from the more traditional route is the leather bike seat. These bicycle saddles are unique and seem to conform to the rider over time. Investing in a leather saddle can be a lifesaver for long runs, as the years pass these seats are comfortable and worn to the riders liking. Who does not enjoy a bicycle seat that perfectly conforms to their liking? Some riders also opt for the vintage leather bike seat. Others choose between a brown leather bike saddle or black leather bike seats. The good part about leather is that nearly anything you can think of can be customized to the riders liking.

Bicycle saddles have come a long way since the standard hard and difficult to sit for long periods of time saddles that once ruled the bike industry. Now, there are even anatomic seats that cater to women and the difficulties that they sometimes have with their own bike seats.

In the end what really matters for the rider is which ever is the most comfortable bike seat. When there are more than a billion bikes in the world (this is almost twice as many cars than are on the road!) comfort and activity are two very important things to have in your bikes. Now get to picking out what type of seating is best for you and get out on the road with your bike. Your weekly exercise will thank you for the new and welcomed change in seating.

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