Three Great Jobs to Keep You Fit

Getting fit fast

If you need to find a seasonal employment, then consider jobs that will keep you fit. Working behind a desk can definitely pay well, but ask yourself, do you know how to stay fit while sitting around all day? Do you know how to keep healthy at a desk job?

Sure you can do exercises to keep fit at home while working in an office, but think about it. Making time to workout is tough enough. Buying the best workout DVD will not mean anything if you have no time to watch it.

Here are three paying jobs that will keep you fit, and let you enjoy your free time, away from work as well.

1. Delivery Man. Lifting heavy boxes and carrying them distances can definitely keep you fit. This job can provide the total body workout that might be looking for. Plus, delivering heavy packages can give your muscles a better workout than the gym machines, because the job trains your stabilizer muscles, as well.

2. Landscaping. While there have been certain technological innovations to reduce the amount of work put in to lawn care, the job will still keep you fit. Digging, hoeing, watering, lifting heavy things of soil or cement, all these things will keep you active, moving and fit.

3. Retail. This is a shocker, right? But think about it. Just like the other two, you will need to lift heavy boxes full of stock sometimes, and you will need to pace and run circuits around the floor, helping customers. The gentle and relaxed pace might not mean you get a work out, but it will definitely keep the pounds off.

Are there any other jobs that will keep you fit that I missed? What are some other jobs that will keep you fit that you thought of? Please share your own favorite jobs that will keep you fit in the comments.

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