Three Ways Proton Therapy Can Help Individuals with Prostate Cancer

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When it comes to advanced cancer treatment options, there are many different ways of helping individuals who have prostate cancer. Although many people think of traditional methods first, such as chemotherapy, there have been several advances made in cancer proton therapy. In a nutshell, proton therapy involves the use of radiation, focusing on a specific tissue, at which it stops. With normal radiation treatments, it often goes beyond the tissue. Thus, proton therapy for prostate cancer options only focuses on a very certain part of the body, before stopping, and does not have to damage tissue that is not cancerous. Here are three more helpful things to know about proton therapy.

Proton Therapy Can be Used in Conjunction with Chemo or Surgery

It is important to know that Proton Therapy is often used in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy. At least four weeks after an individual has started their treatment for chemotherapy, or had surgery, then the proton therapy begins. Proton therapy lasts at least six weeks, but sometimes it might be longer or shorter, depending on the type of cancer the individual has, and how the doctor would like to handle it. Proton therapy can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. However, the protons themselves only need a few minutes to get to the actual cancer cell and do their job. Proton therapy has been considered to be a helpful choice in treatment options for prostate cancer.

Proton Therapy Can be a Safer Alternative Than Traditional Radiation Therapies

Those who undergo traditional radiation may find that other forms of cancer treatment therapy can damage more of the body than the intended cancer cells they are trying to target. This can be exhausting for individuals, and sometimes not as beneficial. this is because the body has to become sicker before it can become better period. However, with cancer proton therapy treatments come up individuals often find a quicker recovery time. this is because the proton therapy only focuses on a very specific part of the body period since it does not target the whole body, or even large portions of the body, it makes it easier for individuals to seek the help they need, and recover. Overall, it quicker recovery means that individuals will be able to go back to their lifestyle much sooner. this can greatly affect how well individuals speed up the healing process. Over 30,000 people in the United States alone have received proton therapy.

Proton Therapy Can Allow Individuals to Regain and Retain a Normal, Healthy Lifestyle

Unlike traditional treatments, it was found that men who pursued prostate cancer options that included proton therapy were able to regain sexual activity or sometimes not even lose it at all. Over 90% of individuals who elected to have proton therapy were able to be sexually active with their partner. This is beneficial not only for patients and their partners, it also lets them feel like normal again, and go back to the same lifestyle they previously had before they were pursuing cancer treatment. Many individuals. Would rather have treatments that allowed accounts are to be stopped as quickly as possible, without interrupting their life.Unlike their counterparts, these patients do not suffer the same side effects of impotence.

With different prostate cancer options, those who are affected by the disease can find a treatment that is right for them. Proton therapy should be viewed as a new and emerging way to help individuals who need prostate cancer options. It can be used in conjunction easily with chemo or surgery, thus making it easy to combine the killing of cancer cells in one?s body. It is also considered safer than regular therapies, such as radiation. This is because it only targets a very specific area in the body, and does not focus on killing healthy cells that are needed to function and survive. Finally, individuals who have proton therapy, have found that they are able to regain the same relationship they have with their partners before, because they are not suffering from him posted. This goes a long way in allowing patients to keep and even rebuild their relationships with their partners after cancer.

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