Ways to Help Recover from an Addiction

Having an addiction to substances such drugs or alcohol is a serious problem that requires time, support, and professional treatment to increase the chances of recovery. While each person goes through their own recovery journey differently, there are a few basic steps that can benefit everyone. If you or someone you care about is battling an addiction, here are some ways that can help get them on the path to recovery.

Address the Problem

Before a person can even consider seeing detox doctors or getting alcoholism treatment, they must first acknowledge that they have a problem with substance abuse. Getting to this point may take awhile and the realization can come from reaching a very low point in the life of the person who is dealing with addiction.

While it can be a very difficult realization to have, it is a vital step in the recovery process. If a person does not acknowledge that they have a problem, they won’t seek help. Be patient with yourself or the person suffering from addiction, and make sure that the person suffering knows where to get help when they are ready to accept it.

Have a Strong Support Group

Having a strong support group is extremely important to the success of an addict’s recovery. People who go through the detox process alone have a relapse rate of about 95 percent. No matter who makes up your group of supporters, whether it is friends, family, or detox doctors, the important thing is that you have people to go with you through the recovery journey.

The support group is there to help you through the difficult moments, such as detox processes, while also holding you accountable to decrease the chance of a relapse. It is important that the person recovering from addiction sees that there are other people invested in the success of their journey.

Getting Help with Detoxing

Before a person can start drug rehab, they must first complete the drug detox step. While home detox is possible in some cases, this can be made more difficult depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that a person suffers from. Acute withdrawal lasts between three to five days, while post-acute withdrawal syndrome can last up to a year or longer.

In cases where the withdrawal symptoms are severe or long lasting, help from detox doctors or rehab detox centers can be very helpful. Both the detox doctors and the treatment centers can provide medication and techniques for pain management or other symptoms such as anxiety that occurs during the withdrawal stage. Seeking out a rehab detox center or a detox doctor can help speed up the detox stage and increase the chances of success.

Find the Right Treatment Plan

After you have gone through the detox process, it is important to follow up with a treatment plan to help you stay on the path to recovery. The last thing you want is for someone who has made it through the difficult withdrawal process only for them to relapse.

Your treatment plan could involve a variety of options, such as staying in an addiction treatment center or following a recovery program that is supervised by a medical professional. The important thing is that you find the right option that will help prevent you from falling back into old addiction habits.

By acknowledging the problem, building a strong support group, getting help from detox doctors, and following a recovery program, you are sure to find yourself on the right path to overcoming addiction.

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