What Detox Options are Available?

Drug addiction is a challenging thing that takes a lot of work to get a handle on. It is a mental and physical struggle that requires multiple forms of treatment. However, one of the first steps to getting clean is detoxing. Getting your body clear of the toxins that have taken a hold on it is the beginning of the process.

Detox processes differ depending on the medication used and where it takes place. There are multiple options available and what works best for one person might not be the best for someone else. Some people do better with a home detox process while others need to be monitored in a facility.

Types of Detox Medication

The type of medication used is going to depend on the kind of addiction being battled. Alcoholism is often fought with benzodiazepines, which are psychoactive drugs that slow the central nervous system. This process helps to relieve symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, but have a high potential for abuse themselves and should only be used for a short time.

Antidepressants such as Desipramine or Phentermine are often used to treat cocaine addiction. They help to combat the depressive symptoms that come with detoxing from substances like cocaine.

When it comes to opioid drugs there is the option of opioid agonists and non-opioid agonists. They treat opioid withdrawal symptoms in different ways with the opioid agonists being more addictive than the non-opioid type.

Home Detox vs Treatment Facilities

Another option to consider during the detox process is where you should do it. There are pros and cons to doing it at home and doing it in a facility.

If medical bills are a big concern for you then you may want to consider home detox. This option only has the initial cost of the medications you are using. Detoxing in a facility can be much more costly, especially if you stay for an extended period of time.

However, you get medical care and assistance by detoxing through a program. If there are any complications with the process, whether it be poor reactions to a medication or severe withdrawal symptoms, it can be handy to have a medical staff on hand.

Do What is Best for You

No matter what process you choose, safely getting clean in the most important goal. Choose the path that works the best for you and focus on getting your life back to the where it needs to be.

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