Ibogaine addiction treatment

Drug addiction has become a national epidemic as 20 million Americans battle some type of addiction. Daily, there are 100 drug related deaths and this rate is continually on the rise. Unfortunately most drug addictions begin in adolescence around the age of 12. Study shows there are over 7,500 new drug abusers a day. With the drug addiction becoming a large problem in society many addicts are being guided to treatment programs. Many drug treatment facilities have detoxication programs that treat anything from illicit drugs to prescription pills.

Detoxification is the body purging itself of drugs (detox for short.) Detoxification treatment can take anywhere from three weeks to 12 months. It can and is used in cocaine addiction treatment, methadone addiction treatment, and oxycodone addiction treatment.

A common form of detoxification is the natural method, or what has been coined as ?cold turkey.? This means that the person receiving the detoxification treatment does not use any type of help to kick their particular habit. This method is very simple, but can be very difficult to do because of the symptoms of withdraw. Many of the side effects of this particular detox are shaking, vomiting, anger, muscle aches, and more.

Other detox treatments do exists, particularly for people who are addicted to opiates. For example, a medicated detox which is normally performed at a rehab center implements methadone as treatment. This method helps in relieving some of the symptoms and pains of drug withdraw. The medicated detox is an option that is usually more regulated and long term. Methadone is a man made drug, much like a narcotic, used as a replacement for a heroin or morphine addiction. One downfall to methadone is the long term use. If you stop taking it, there is the potential for withdraw.

One very popular form of drug treatment is the ibogaine therapy. Research shows that ibogaine therapy has lessened the desire for drug use in an individual in as little as four days. The ibogaine treatment is a form of detox and works as a natural substance with psychedelic effects. It comes from a root bark called Tabernanthe shrub. Before it was used to help as drug treatment, it was used in African ceremonies and rituals. However, Ibogaine detox is not done in the United States yet.

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