5 Bizarre Plastic Surgery Procedures You Probably Don’t Know About

types of plastic surgeryYou may have heard of people undergoing a nose job procedure (rhinoplasty), getting breast lifts, or even a tummy tuck. These are all safe, widely-used types of plastic surgery. However, we bet you haven’t heard of the unusual procedures discussed in this article.

Buccal Fat Removal: While facelifts are a common procedure, did you know that some patients undergo the removal of fat pads in their cheeks? Typically, patients may choose to use a dermal filler to add definition to the cheek bone, but buccal fat removal removes fat in order to reveal more defined cheekbones. This is not a very well-known procedure, and doctors consider the effects to be permanent. Cheekbone procedures are common though, with more than half of surgeons seeing a rise in patients wanting their cheekbones back.

Dimpleplasty: Another facial contouring trend is dimpleplasty. This minimally invasive procedure provides the patient with permanent dimples on their cheeks or chin. Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon passes a suture through the desired location, creating a natural-looking dimple. But this procedure is very much permanent, unlike fillers or Botox.

Otoplasty: Ear surgery, or otoplasty, corrects ear distance and protrusion. Some people are not happy with the ears they were born with, but have the opportunity to have their dream ears with the procedure. During the procedure, the ears are surgically moved closer to the head and corrects protruding ears. After the procedure, the ears are in better proportion with the patient’s face.

Umbilicoplasty: All belly buttons are unique, but some people desire a “perfect” innie belly button. Some of the common reasons behind choosing belly button surgery may be loose skin, hernias, or pregnancy. This procedure can be done on it’s own, but is also typically part of other procedures, like tummy tucks.

Eyebrow Transplant: Even though there are options like filling eyebrows in with makeup and microblading, a more permanent solution is an eyebrow transplant. This procedure involves taking hair from the “donor site”, typically the back of the head, and transplanting it to the brow area. Once the hair is implanted, hair will start to grow like it did in it’s original location.

These procedures may seem quite unusual, but cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures can be life-changing for patients. Whether it’s to correct an unwanted flaw, or to provide medical benefits, there are many different types of plastic surgery practiced around the world.

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