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Family care providers are becoming the newest go-to for people who are in need of medical care and want to receive results. With many people completely out of insurance or left with very few options for doctors, it is helpful to have choices of family care physicians who not only care for the needs of their patient, but help in a variety of ways with confidential STD testing and same day STD testing, family health care, urgent care, and so much more without the need for an ER visit.

Did you know that an average ER visit will lead to a total cost of over $1,000, according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey? These statistics show us how easily families will struggle if they are unable to afford even the lowest copays or costs of medication. One emergency trip could set a family back for months or years. Combine this with the wait times that will keep you away from work, your home life, classes, and so much more and you have a recipe for disaster. In fact, the mean wait time in ERs has been steadily climbing, and is now well over an hour. If you have an emergency, this can lead to painful or even deadly results. This is why there is a need for urgent care taken on by family care providers that care about the symbolization of family and what it means to have very little time to spare on an emergency.

The need for family care providers is on the rise, and their involvement in our healthcare and lives is becoming a staple. The U.S. is said to need 52,000 physicians by 2025 to meet our needs, which may seem far away, but it’s only a few short years from now. With this being said, those qualified for the job are needed in a variety of large cities and areas where the population is constantly receiving injuries or falling sick and in need of emergency care. However, emergency care isn’t always just broken bones and heart attacks. Sometimes, it’s somebody who is suffering from the drastic effects of an STD and needs STD testing immediately. Sometimes it’s a need for a health clinic for children whose fevers have been spiking for several days and nothing seems to lessen them. Other times, it’s somebody who believes they have skin cancer, because they found a spot on their skin and learned that skin cancer rates have more than tripled since 1975, so the rates are quite high. No matter what the emergency, there is always a clinic that cares and will serve the people in society in the many ways they need it when health is on their mind.

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