5 Ingredients You Want in Your Skin Care Products

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Getting older is something that happens to all of us no matter how much we don’t like it. It’s a process that seems to slowly take over no matter how many high end private label cosmetics we use. We could have the best skin care routine in the world and you will still see a few wrinkles and maybe even sun spots here and there as time goes on. Private label skincare for spas have found some great skin products that help to add elasticity and collagen back into your skin. The reason they work is because of the natural products that are put into the products. Here are a few things that you can look for in the ingredient list of your skin care brands.

Retinal is a vitamin A derivative that speeds up the turnover of cells. This helps to get rid of any dead cells that might be causing dullness to your skin. It will also promote collagen production and elastin. It does this by stimulating stem cell repair and encouraging better circulation in the blood. When you put it on it should tingle a little as it absorbs into your skin.

This is commonly used to private label skincare for spas as it can get a little pricey. The way it works is as a block to the enzyme that allows melanin production. Hydroquinone fades hyper pigmentation and evens out any sun spots or blotches. This is a very strong product and you only need a very small amount. If you’ve never used it before then it is recommended to start off with a weaker dilution of the product and then make your way up to stronger ones if necessary.

We all know what this is. While it may be annoying that it takes you longer to get a tan, wearing sunscreen will stop the skin from getting premature wrinkles and saggy. Your skin can also become blotchy from the harmful UV rays and sunscreen blocks that to. Antioxidants are something that you can look for when buying sunscreen. They make the sunscreen that much more effective. A great tip is if you are going on vacation to a sunny place, then put on sunscreen every night before bed for a few weeks. This will cause the sunscreen to layer up on your skin and you’ll be less prone to burning.

As mentioned in the sunscreen portion, antioxidants make the products more effective. They can be a blend of anything from vitamin C to green tea or idebenone and many more things. All of these assist in preventing wrinkles and spots and possibly even skin cancer because they go into the skin and stop harmful compounds from destroying elastin and collagen. These are the main things that you want to protect because they keep your skin smooth and flexible without sagging or wrinkling.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
This one is much less known in the skincare world but private label skincare for spas have found this little gem to be very effective. These acids are things such as glycolic acid and they add a brightness to the skin as well as help erase blotches and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Even doctors like this one. A lot of people are to rough when they exfoliate or use scrubs which causes the skin to be irritated. An alpha hydroxy acid is more like a peel that you smooth on and the acids break down any bonds between dead and alive cells.

So, whether you are using private label skincare for spas or drugstore products, there are things you need to look for out for. You will notice that drugstore products will not have as many of the necessary ingredients as they are a lower quality skin care product. You may feel like the higher up brands are to expensive but the difference is you only need a little bit so the better brands will last you a much longer time than the drug store products will. You basically will end up paying the same amount because you will be buying drug store skin care products a lot more often than you would a high quality brand or even a prescription brand.

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