4 Ways to Change Up Your Lifestyle and Lose Weight

How to become a weight loss coach

Did you know that only about 20% of adults today actually meet the Center for Disease Control?s Physical Activity Guidelines? It?s no surprise that many people are struggling, whether it?s with their weight or just overall wanting a more in shape body. If you?re one of these people, you?ve likely encountered a few challenges along the way. How can you lose weight, keep it off, and look good? Here are several ways to change up your lifestyle.

1. You are Your Wallet.

At a very basic level, you can?t eat something you don?t have. Go to the grocery store with a firm list and don?t deviate from it. If you need snacks, choose healthy options, like homemade popcorn or granola mix. Try not to go food shopping, or even meal buying, on a completely empty stomach, as this will make you more likely to follow unhealthy cravings.

2. Track Yourself.

We all know the one friend who insists they run a mile everyday, while in our heads we knowingly correct that estimate to ?half a mile, every three days.? In reality, we all have a bit of this friend in us. We can easily overestimate how much exercise we?re getting, and underestimate how much we?re eating. Tracking devices like FitBit are making it easier for us to know the hard metrics on our daily practices.

3. Don?t Try to Break Habits By Your Lonesome.

There?s a reason people talk more about their Pilates classes than about working alone on the treadmill while watching TV. It?s easier to stick to your plans — and have fun while doing it — when you?re supported by others. This is one reason the PiYO eating plan has been popular for a large number of people. The PiYO meal planner and PiYO workout, together, can help you ?re-learn? how to be fit, and eat healthy. Get a PiYO coach to make sure you don?t fall off the wagon.

4. Don?t Fall for False Promises.

It actually is possible to lose 10 pounds in 20 days. However, it is never possible to lose this much weight without messing with your entire metabolism. Aim for reasonable weight loss goals that involve adjusting your approach to diet and exercise, rather than making one-time changes. If you don?t change your overall approach, sadly, you will always gain the weight back once the diet is over.

Would you try a PiYO eating plan? Let us know.

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