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As the years have passed going to the optometrist has become less and less of the worrisome blunder it once was. In fact, eyeglasses have grown into an accessory of sorts for many people. With their cool patters, colors, and shapes many individuals have embraced wearing glasses and turned it into a trendy fashion statement. Even the biggest brands n the country have gotten into the eye wear game with names like Kate Spade, Dior and RayBan. Going to the optometrist has never been easier and wearing glasses has never been more fashionable.

Over half of the adults in the country wear glasses. Of this, 42% of them are nearsighted. Meaning that many folks are unable to see things unless they are close to up their faces. In fact, studies have shown that one in four children have problems with their eyes. This makes it difficult for many to see the board and leads to behavior problems. Over the years many of these cases go untreated for so long that most Americans don’t even realize just how bad their vision actually is. Seeing an optometrist should be one of the leading health care benefits taken advantage of.

Now with the changing designs it isn’t as if we’re stuck with just one or two different pairs of wire frame glasses. The opportunities are endless! From thick hipster glasses to sleek readers your optician can have you shopping through frames and looking your very best in a matter of moments. There is no need to be afraid any longer of disastrous optometrist appointments or glasses that we really don’t like. In fact, our eyewear can now reflect our personalities, want something bright that stands out? How about something keen for the 50s era? Your glasses can now represent you.

All you have to do is find out what your vision insurance covers, make an appointment with an eye specialist, go through a couple of simple and quick exams, and in a matter of moments you’ll be picking out the new and most fashionable glasses you can find. Better yet, as soon as those glasses come in you’ll be able to see clearly like never before. Eye care is something not only important but something that is unique and tailored to you. Being kind to yourself and sure that your vision is in tiptop shape should always be a priority.

In a society where we spend most of our time in front of screens, straining our eyes, these helpful lenses can be of great protection. Screen time can greatly affect our eyes. Why not but a barrier between our eyes and the screen, insure that we’re doing the best we can to take care of something so important to our everyday lives?

Do yourself a favor, get to an optometrist today and find the best pair of glasses that suits you in all of the right ways. You won’t regret it and your eyes will probably thank you for it.

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