All the Reasons Nursing Care Makes Sense

Assisted living program

Assisted facility living: it?s a reality of life for many seniors. Though it often gets a bad rap, there are benefits to this type of service. Let?s review why millions of people are choosing this for themselves or for their loved ones.

The Cost of an In-Home Nurse Can be High

If a senior is no longer able to completely take care of themselves, they may need a nurse?s care — whether that means an around the clock home nurse, one that comes once a day, or one that comes several times a week, it can add up quickly. Most home nurses will cost at least $15 an hour, and often more. If you need several hours of care each day, this can turn into hundreds of dollars each week. At this point, adult assisted living often becomes more affordable.

As Mobility Decreases, Loneliness Increases

As seniors near the twilight of their lives, they often have a decreased ability to get around — whether this is because they can no longer drive, or because they can no longer easily walk, it is often more difficult for seniors to get in touch with friends, family, and neighbors. As a result, many seniors end up feeling quite lonely, and this depression can affect their overall health. Assisted living centers are familiar with this issue and create numerous events that allow seniors to socialize and meet others. The very structure of an assisted facility living center often encourages this, since seniors often eat meals together when they are able to.

Nursing Homes Offer Fun Activities in One Location

You may love your parents, but not always have time to hang out with them once or more every week. Without you, though, they may have difficulty accessing the activities they love, whether it?s going to the movies or playing chess. At a nursing home facility, there are activities like this every week that help give seniors a full schedule of fun things to do, and people to do them with.

Knowing Someone is There for Them

Even a fairly agile senior may still have mobility issues, and our bones in general become more porous and frail as we age. You may be worried about what could happen if your loved one slips and falls one day, and no one is around to help them or realizes what has happened. A supportive living environment can take this constant worry out of the equation for you. Peace of mind.

Assisted Facility Living Can Offer Continuous Care

As people age, their needs change. You may set your senior up with a weekly home nurse and it’s fine for a few months — but then they have trouble making it up and down the stairs and need to move to a different location. And then they need everyday care; and so on. Moving your senior to a nursing home ensures that their needs can be met, even if their needs change over the next few years.
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