Debunking 4 of the Most Common Myths Surrounding Assisted Living

Assisted living centers

As the baby boomer generation continues to enter retirement, more and more seniors will need elder care and assisted living The media has made an example of the unfortunately negligent assisted living homes across the country. Unfortunately, the mistakes of few have become representative of many. The truth is, most assisted living facilities provide important services and care to elderly individuals.
Want to know more? Read on to find out the 4 most common myths surrounding elderly homes:

  1. Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Independence
    Many people believe that moving into an assisted living facility means losing your independence. And for almost everyone, losing independence is extremely undesirable, even when they need the help. But sometimes, individuals truly need the help that assistance living and provide. And for those who don’t need extra help, assistance living provides unique living situations that allow residents to live as independently as they need, with the option of round-the-clock care when needed.
  2. Home Care Costs Less Money
    When elderly individuals are no longer able to take care of themselves, they will often require additional home care. Home care is a multi-faceted, complicated situation. Some home care specialists don’t even provide medical care. And many medical specialists don’t cover home care.
  3. Assisted Living Means Loneliness
    Many seniors are concerned that they will be lonely upon entering assistance living. However, assisted living is a great place for people in the same walk of life to come together and share common experiences.
  4. Assisted Living Means the End of Life
    Retirement can be difficult for individuals who had led a rich and active social life. However, good retirement homes offer a plethora of activities and events that keep residents occupied and feeling fulfilled. Many centers offer regular field trips, dance classes, gardening opportunities, and so much more.
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