Electromagnetic Radiation Why Our Bodies React Adversely to Cell Phones

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As technology advances, there are a number of concerns that previous generations didn’t have to consider. Many believe that our growing dependence on technology could be dehumanizing us as we seek for digital companionship over human companionship; others may fear that technology is advancing at a rate that we are unable to keep up with. While these concerns are significant and valid in their own right, one such concern is the growing dangers of electromagnetic fields on individuals.

The Growing Need for Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

We understand more about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) today than we did before; public safety limits for EMF exposure were believed to be inadequate to protect public health and new public safety limits were needed five years ago. Most people are unaware that their cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation that may be harming their bodies. EMF dangers affect us because our bodies emit a small EMF of its own according to the science of bioelectromagnetics; clashing with one’s EMF can cause serious health concerns and dangers.

EMF Dangers

Virtually everything that runs on WiFi emits an EMF to some degree. A study in 2010 showed the effect of short-term EMF exposure to children and adolescents between the ages of 8 to 17: the children suffered from headaches, irritation, and difficulty concentrating in school. Another study from 2012 noted that chronic EMF exposure produces physiological stress in cells after just one and a half years of exposure. Yet a third study found a correlation with WiFi level laptop exposure for just four hours and a decrease in sperm viability. In lieu of these concerns, many households are looking for ways to block EMF and protect their families from electromagnetic radiation.

Protecting Your Home

Cell phone towers are the largest producers of electromagnetic radiation; since these towers are spread in communities, today’s children can have 1,000 times higher rates of exposure at home and school environments than existed two decades ago. Residences located within around 328 yards of an unobstructed cell tower are advised to look into EMF shielding options to help limit their exposure to electromagnetic radiation and minimize EMF dangers. EMF shields come in a variety of products from personal necklaces and pendants to insulation and similar products that can be outfitted in one’s home. A plug-in EMF filter is an ideal solution for homeowners, as they allow the homeowner to customize their level of protection based on how many electronic devices they have plugged into their outlets; the average number of EMF filters or shields in a home is 20, but some homeowners may need advanced levels of protection. By taking steps to limit your exposure to harmful EMFs and ensuring that your home offers protection against electromagnetic radiation, you can enjoy a healthier more natural life as we continue to adapt to advances in technology.

The average number of EMF filters or shields used in one home is 20; however, you can determine if you need more or less based upon the number of electronic devices that you have plugged into your outlets.

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