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Addiction of any kind is tough on an individual and their family. In some cases, the individual may deny being addicted, which can make drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment options difficult to explore. There are many more options than just AA for alcohol addiction and many rehab centers are private and offer residential treatment. Luxury rehab is also a possibility for wealthy addicts. Substance abuse can affect anyone — in any given year at least one out of every five Canadians had a mental health or addiction problem. In some cases, those problems can be linked (although not always). If you suspect your family member may be suffering from a form of substance abuse, it’s important to get them help and care as soon as possible. Early intervention, especially if the individual is young, can help turn their life around in a positive way. You should explore the numerous alcohol addiction treatment options available and look into drug rehab centers and support for the best course of action.
Who’s at Risk and How Do Rehab Centers Work?
There are many statistics available on who is most prone to substance abuse. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely to abuse substances than any other age group — it’s an impressionable and stressful age and many turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. Those who suffer from a mental illness are three times as likely to abuse substances than those without one and men are more prone to addiction than women. Sadly however, women addicts are over 50% more likely to die at a younger age because of drug use. Almost 50,000 Canadians die because of substance abuse every year and it costs the health care system almost $10 billion every year. as well. It’s a dangerous, sad, and expensive problem that needs to be taken care of.
Many addicts view rehab centers as a negative place, resentful of being weaned off their drugs. And while there are certain horror stories (as with anything), most rehab centers are supposed to be a positive and life changing step in the right direction. There are usually three main steps to rehab centers: 1) detox, 2) actual rehabilitation, and 3) aftercare. It’s not guaranteed that going through rehab will ensure recovery — for as many people successfully complete rehab and recover completely, some relapse and find themselves back in rehab.
What Should I Look For In a Rehab Center?
You certainly want to find out how long a certain rehab program is. They can range from 30 days to a much longer time period — up to six months. This, as well as the amenities that are included in rehab, will determine how much the rehab program costs. You want to make sure the cost of the rehab center is in line with the quality of care and how specific it is to your loved one’s addiction. There are plenty of alcohol addiction treatment options for rehab, so it’s best to shop around and do some comparisons before deciding on which one might be best for your loved one. For example, some patients may do better with inpatient care than outpatient care, but it all depends on the situation, age, and status of the individual involved.
What Are the Success Rates of a Rehab Center?
To be honest, the success rates of various rehab centers vary. Sometimes centers who claim a very high success rate might be misleading. Much of it depends on the individual’s own commitment to staying clean and the life choices they make after leaving the rehab center. Additional therapy and activities after leaving rehab can help them stay on track and aftercare programs are usually recommended to check up on the recovering addict. Some centers may also have sponsors — former substance abusers themselves who have stayed clean for a long period of time — to help newly recovered individuals out.
It can be a painful thing to see a loved one suffer with addiction. However, there are plenty of alcohol addiction treatment options and drug rehab options to choose from when the time is right.

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