Finding the Right Health Insurance For Your Family

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010 and today provides health insurance to millions of Americans. The primary purpose of Obamacare was in fact to make available affordable individual health care to those who for medical or financial reasons had been unable to obtain insurance. Both individual plans and ACA family coverage is available under Obamacare.

Although it has been in existence for more than a decade, the ACA is still not understood by many Americans. The program primarily relies upon private insurance plans to provide coverage. These are available through the federal ACA program, although some states and the District of Columbia have set up their own exchanges from which policies can be purchased.

The ACA deals with the costs of health insurance by providing subsidies for those with less than specified incomes, which means most Americans. Customers can obtain insurance during an annual health insurance enrollment period. The ACA has even made improvements in employee-based plans, including expanded preventive care. You should contact an Affordable Care Act specialist in your area to discuss your individual needs, or a health claims administrator if there are issues with certain policies.

We all worry about our health, and there are some good reasons to be careful. Read on for why we all need to be careful about getting the right kind of care, and then how to find insurance for family care.

Current Health Issues in America

We all know about colds, the flu, broken bones, and seizures. But there are other issues that can seriously affect us and our families. Depression is a serious problem that more and more people struggle with. In the elderly, for example, a lot of medical walk in clinic visits related to depression. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention regularly estimates rates of depression for the elderly between 3% and 13.5%. With the prevalence of tanning, skin cancer has become three times more prevalent than in 1975.

How the Neighborhood Health Clinic Can Help

Visits to the emergency room can be very expensive and waste a lot of time. The average ER visit costs $1,318, and wait times between 2003 and 2009 went up from over 46 minutes to more than 58 minutes. It’s best to leave the emergency room for emergencies and use a walk in health clinic or urgent care facilities for regular needs. Not only is service faster, but costs are a lot lower for any medical needs that are not life-threatening.

Is It Essential to Get Insurance for Family Care?

Wherever you get healthcare, it will cost money. Having the right insurance is crucial, especially if there are several people in your family. You need to take steps to make sure everyone in your family has coverage for the medical care they could need.

Finding Insurance for Family Care: Tip 1

Make sure that you compare rates among all the providers. Granted, this can be difficult because there are a lot of terms in the insurance world that are not readily understandable to the average layman. There are HMOs and PPOs, EPOs and POS plans. The simplest for the family is usually an HMO, which is generally a bit less expensive and includes general practitioners and family medicine physicians.

Finding Insurance for Family Care: Tip 2

Check the marketplace. This will vary considerably by state, and the website is usually the best place to start. Bear in mind that if you reject your employer’s insurance you’ll likely have to pay more out of pocket than you would imagine since most employers are paying some of the premiums for each of their employees.

Finding Insurance for Family Care: Tip 3

Be sure to compare the services offered by all plans. You want to think about your family’s specific needs and health history, what kinds of prescriptions you need, and whether anyone is predisposed to developing any diseases or disorders. This will help you decide which plan is right for you.

Healthcare is important and having insurance to cover healthcare costs is just as crucial. Shop around and make sure you find the plan that’s best for you and your loved ones.

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