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There are some statistics worth noting as well at the start of this article. The statistics are there to provide a more detailed view of the topic. They are:

  • 21 million LASIK procedures were performed in 2015.
  • In 2015, nearly 600,000 LASIK surgeries were performed in the US.

Eye loss is a serious injury in which a person can lose sight in one of their eyes because the eye has been stolen from them for some reason. A person may find that they cannot find the eye or that is has been taken away, leading to permanent loss of vision in that eye. This is a significant issue.

But a person can also lose their vision in other ways that may seem less violent but in fact have the same effect as losing one’s eye. A person can lose their vision from use, especially with readers, who often need glasses to read. This is a significant issue among many.

A person can lose their vision from other areas as well. They may be in the desert and a bright blinding sun comes in and they lose their vision because the sun is so bright. They may lose their vision because they have an illness or injury. This is the case with glaucoma, if it is left untreated.

A person who loses their vision may think they have few options but there are many options out there for reversing sight loss or giving sight back. Scientists have been working on blindness issues for many many years, and there seems like progress is being made every day, as was featured on a Time Magazine cover.

For instance, for someone with struggling vision, there is always the option of getting glasses. This is a big step for many people, as some don’t like the different kinds of glasses that are out there. But glasses today come in different sets and styles to make sure that everyone likes them.

Another possibility for someone with struggling vision is to get LASIK eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery is a possibility because of the introduction and specialization of lasers. The LASIK eye surgery uses laser to change the eye to the point where vision is good again. This is a permanent change.

Another possibility for someone with a specific illness like glaucoma is to treat it in surgery. This is a good thing as people can get the surgery they need without breaking the bank, generally speaking, if a person has vision care. A person may need someone to sit in the waiting room with them in case something bad happens in the surgery.

Today, there are some facts about LASIK surgeries that are important.

There are possibilities as well for someone who has lost sight altogether. Recently, there was a supposed breakthrough in technology that allowed someone with a loss of sight to be able to see color. This was done by putting something over the eyes or over the face of the person and it stimulated vibrations, which are also light waves.

A person who struggles with sight will find it difficult to do every day functions. They may find it difficult to live independently, which is a major issue in today’s society. They may need help doing basic tasks, like finding the toothbrush or sitting on a couch. They may struggle with this.

A person who struggles with sight may find it difficult to read, which can inhibit learning. A person who struggles to read may not learn as many new things as another person, which could hurt them professionally and educationally. A person who can’t read may struggle in college or other places.

Those are all vision correction options. Vision correction options include all those stated above. Vision correction options can be helpful but they can also be hurtful. For LASIK surgery, one of the vision correction options, a lot depends on the surgeon and their handling of the lasers.

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