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Like many people, you have probably always scheduled your child’s school physicals with his or her pediatrician. This usually ensures that the doctor will know your child’s medical history, and can readily respond to any medical concerns you might have at the time.

But what if you cannot reach your doctor in time? Schools require physicals to be submitted by a certain time, and if you miss the deadline, your child may not be able to attend until it is completed.

Fortunately, urgent care centers are there to help. There more than 7,000 centers in the U.S., and about 75% of them are established in the suburbs. They employee licensed nurses and medical professionals, and are required to have a physician on-site at all times. Both general and pediatric urgent care centers can take care of school physicals and ear infections, administer flu shots, treat upper respiratory infections, stitch minor lacerations, and handle most non-life threatening illnesses.

Because urgent care facilities are open 7 days a week, and some of them 24 hours a day, they are often more convenient than a doctor’s office. They operate on a walk in basis, and no appointment is necessary during business hours, which are often extended beyond normal hours for the benefit of patients. The wait time is usually less than 20 minutes, and about 80% of all patients who visit an urgent care facility are in and out within an hour.

The popularity of these clinics has made them one of the fastest growing sectors in the health care industry. More than half of them have been in operation for more than 5 years, and about 9,000 urgent care facilities are considering expanding or opening up a new branch, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.

So if you child needs a school physical, or falls sick, and you cannot get in touch with your pediatrician, find an urgent care center near you. They will be able to give your child immediate attention, and get you the paperwork you need before you leave the clinic. This can save you valuable time, and provide you with a great alternative to your own pediatrician’s care. Read more here:

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