Local Walk In Clinics Are a Fast Way to Get the Minor Medical Care That You Need

The goal for this Mother’s Day weekend is simple. Have fun with the family, but not so much fun that you end up having to make a trip to Urgent Care. And while this might seem like a rather strange goal, the fact of the matter is that each of the last three Mother’s Days has found your family in one of the local urgent care centers after some kind of crazy accident.

Three years ago it was a sprained ankle for your oldest daughter while you were hiking as a family. Two years ago there was another injury, but this time to your son’s wrist, when the family was participating in a fundraising volleyball tournament. Your family joked that had it not been for the watermelon last year’s Mother’s Day would have been uneventful. At the end of the day, though, your husband came home with a full watermelon. Early into getting the watermelon cut up your husband’s hand slipped and the resulting cut required six stitches in his hand.

This year there will be no hiking, no volley ball, and if you get watermelon you are going to purchase one that is already cut. The whole family is going to watch a professional ball game together and you are hoping that as spectators you can avoid anyone getting hurt.

Urgent Care Centers Are Often the Most Affordable and Convenient Health Care Option

Unless you are facing a real emergency, the majority of Americans realize that it is difficult to justify paying the high price and waiting for hours in a hospital emergency room. Instead, more and more Americans realize the value and convenience of going to a local walk in clinic for minor illnesses and injuries.
The latest research shows that 80% of urgent care centers provide fracture care, so even if you think that you have a broken bone you can receive the help that you need. From x-rays to casts, walk in clinics not only get you into the doctor faster, they also come with a much smaller bill to pay. The fact that 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week means that you do not have to wait to see a family physician on a Monday morning if your injury or illness occur on the weekend.

If your Mother’s Day does not go as planned and someone gets injured or becomes ill, remember that you can get affordable, reliable, and convenient care at your neighborhood walk in clinic.

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