Lose Weight Without Diet Pills

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Most people who want to lose weight need assistance with the process. Some turn to diet pills that can wreak havoc on their health because they think it will be faster and easier. Fortunately, there is a better way.

The Ageless Center is a professional medical weight loss facility with offices located in Lexington and Louisville. They offer a variety of services including nutrition education and individual coaching with qualified staff members to help each client customize and reach their personal goals.

Benefits of a Structured Weight Loss Program

To safely lose one pound of a week it is necessary for the average person to create a 500-calorie deficit through dietary changes or exercise. It is incredibly difficult for the average person to know what changes they need to make in their daily routine to accomplish this. Professionals at a medical weight loss center make the process much easier.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study that found that half of those who maintained their weight loss did so by maintaining their habits of tracking calories or fat intake. This is why it is so important to continue a maintenance plan after your goal has been reached. Ideally, dieters would continue to work with those who supported their weight loss journey.

Choosing a Great Weight Loss Clinic

When looking for a weight loss clinic to help you lose weight safely, it is important to find a facility that is committed to helping you over the long-run. They should provide guidance on creating a more nutritious diet and steps to increase physical activity levels.

It is important that the instructions are simple and direct and that each individual has a plan that is designed specifically for their dietary and fitness needs. A truly great clinic will offer monitoring, feedback, and emotional support.

The Truth About Weight Loss Pills

Did you know that when people lose weight at a rate of approximately one pound a week they are less likely to develop gallstones than if they lose the weight more rapidly? One of the dangers of using diet pills is that you may lose weight too quickly and suffer negative side effects.

It can take more time to lose weight without using weight loss pills. However, the health benefits and the ability to keep weight off far outweigh the slight increase in time required to reach your weight loss target. Take the time to learn the right way to lose weight and you will be less likely to regain the weight again.

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