Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments That Make A Woman Feel Beautiful


A woman should never feel like she has to undergo a cosmetic procedure to cover her flaws in order to be beautiful; but she should feel free to get any cosmetic treatment she wants to promote the beauty she already holds. The biggest part of looking beautiful is holding the inner confidence that you are actually beautiful. You are beautiful without any assistance, but if it makes you feel even more beautiful to have a little help from modern science, you go ahead and treat yourself, girlfriend!

The following non-invasive cosmetic services are wonderful confidence-builders that all women should know about:

  • A Bangin Botox Party
    You might think that those wrinkles that appear around your eyes and on your forehead are your face’s way of revolting against you. Science tells us that wrinkles are actually the muscle underneath the skin contracting and causing folds in the skin above. What if there was a way to relax your facial muscles so that your outer skin was a smooth as a baby’s… face? Botox, this is your cue.

    Botox is a chemical that is injected into those spazzing muscles so that they chill out and erase the wrinkles above, making you look more like your high school self, without the acne or teenage angst.

    Botox is typically used in the forehead area, around the eyes where your “crow’s feet” call home, and that spot between your eyebrows that develops a wrinkle from squinting and giving annoying people the stink eye.

    If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of having needles stuck in your face, bringing along a friend or two might ease your fears. Having anxiety about getting Botox is so common that “Botox parties” are sweeping the nation. Basically, it’s like a fun girls night out, where everyone wakes up looking 20 years younger.
  • The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatments
    Having unwanted hair where you should be bare can be a real confidence killer. When people look at you, they might only see your dazzling smile, but you can’t see that when you’re stressed that they’re looking at your “stray eye brows,” as the great Dorothy Parker dubbed those pesky hairs that pop up on a lady’s chin. Thankfully, the best laser hair removal services can permanently remove hair on any part of your body, so you have the freedom of knowing it’s is your beautiful smile that people are looking at.

    Laser hair removal works by targeting the darker pigment of the hair follicle as the laser glides over your skin. When the laser zaps the hair follicle, the matrix that produces the hair dies, and the follicle no longer produces hair.

    Every follicle on your body is in various stages of growth, and laser hair removal is effective on the follicles that are in the “anagen” stage of active growth. As such, the best laser hair removal results occur after five or six treatments, so that they have a chance to catch all of the follicle in the anagen stage. You might experience a slight stinging sensation during each treatment, but the best laser hair removal clinics offer numbing gel so that the entire experience is relaxing.

  • A Cleansing Chemical Peel

    A chemical peel doesn’t give you new skin, it just reveals the beautiful skin you already have. Your skin is made up of five layers of epidermis. The bottom layer is responsible for generating new skin cells, and as they age, they rise to the surface, so that the “oldest” skin cells are the ones that you see when you look in the mirror. The magic of a chemical peel is removing the upper layers of the epidermis, so that the world can see your smooth, brand-new skin cells.

    There are varying levels of intensity for chemical peels; some are mild enough that you can have them done on your lunch break. However, the best chemical peels remove the dead skins all the way down to your lowest layer of skin, and go to battle with your deepest wrinkles and imperfections. This type of chemical peel is generally performed by a doctor and involves some down time.

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