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RSD, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, is a rare, chronic pain disorder. Individuals who suffer from RSD experience extreme sensitivity to light and temperature changes, joint swelling, and even have difficulty moving. Undergoing regular RSD treatments can help individuals relieve the pain and suffering caused by this disorder.

There are a number of RSD treatments that can be performed to help individuals who suffer from this disorder. The type of RSD treatments you have performed will vary depending upon what symptoms you exhibit, your pain levels, and your success with previous treatment for rsd.

The most common type of RSD treatment is the use of physical therapy. Physical therapy is one of the most successful forms of RSD treatments available to patients. It helps patients learn how to successfully manage the pain and sometimes reduces pain and inflammation caused by this pain disorder.

Another RSD treatment that has seen an increase in popularity over the years is the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments used to be commonly used for individuals who suffered brain injuries and strokes, but it has been extremely successful as a form of RSD treatment. It has even been used as a form of chronic lyme disease treatment.

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost is often not covered by insurance, but the treatment is extremely successful. Individuals undergo a therapy that has them breathing in pure oxygen in an enclosed room. This pure oxygen breathing treatment is believed to help individuals manage the pain associated with RSD.

There are many RSD treatments available, including medicines and surgeries, but physical therapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatments remain the most popular. While there is no known cure for RSD, these RSD treatments help individuals who suffer from this chronic pain disorder live a normal, happy life that is relatively pain free.

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