When It Is Time To See A Maryland Psychologist

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Although many people believe that depression goes away on its own, nothing could be further from the truth in some cases. In fact, depression can get worse if it is not properly treated. While modern medicine still attempts to grapple with the causes behind some of the common mental disorders that people currently face on a regular basis, Maryland psychologist offices can provide care that addresses many of these problems at their core. Did you know that bipolar disorder can begin in adolescence? It may not be evident until the 40s, or even the 50s, but the median onset is around 25. A psychologist in Maryland can provide early and accurate diagnosis of these and other disorders and imbalances that can create uncomfortable and even dangerous situations for those that suffer from them.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, there are four million children and adolescents in the United States which have a serious mental disorder that affects how they function. A Maryland psychologist may be able to work with both children and adults who are currently suffering from a mental disorder, and who need real answers and solutions. A psychologist washington dc residents visit may be able to provide access to medicine which can help to regulate or reduce symptoms and outbreaks, as well as services which can treat acute or emergency situations. Maryland psychologist services are available for both children and adults, because children in particular can have difficulty expressing mental disorders. Washington DC psychologists know that as many as 160,000 children are bullied so badly that they will stay home on any given day to avoid further torment.

Both children and adults need help, and a Maryland psychologist could be the right source where they can find it. Studies have suggested that between 13 percent and 25 percent of adolescents surveyed in schools have at injured themselves at some point due to a mental disorder. If you feel that someone in your life is currently hiding a problem, or if they have a history of self harm, speaking with a Maryland psychologist about the services that they can offer may be the best course of action. Some problems are environmental, but some are chemical or physical as well. A psychologist can help to diagnose which is which, and determine what the best course of action will be for a mentally healthier life.
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