Understanding Work Burnout and How to Overcome It

Signs of emotional exhaustion

Work burnout is a common thing in almost every workplace environment. It’s normal to grow weary after a busy day at work or to need a break after a month-long sprint to complete a particular work project. Unfortunately, however, it’s also common to suffer exhaustion all the time.

Signs of Job Burnout
The general misconception about burnout is that it results from working too hard and for too long. However, psychological studies show that burnout is triggered when there is an imbalance between workload and rewards. When you are struggling to meet work demands and deadlines but the rewards are very minimum or you simply have no time to relax, then work burnout is imminent.

Apart from the workload, burnout can be triggered by other factors such as values conflict, unfairness, lack of control, references. Understanding how to deal with burnout at work can help feel inspired and be more productive. Otherwise, this condition poses a great threat not only to your job but also your health.

Effects of Work Burnout

  • Exhaustion, is perhaps the first visible signs of job burnout. The issue, however, isn’t the feeling of being tired but consequences of it. It’s believed that exhaustion is the leading cause of workplace anger. It causes you to get upset very easily and have constant conflict with your workmates. Being overtired also affect your sleep, meaning that if you didn’t catch enough sleep you’ll have a difficult time focusing your day’s work. In addition, you are prone to fall sick more often.
  • Cynicism, the feeling of being detached from your workmates and lack enthusiasm for your work is another outcome of job burnout. It is a serious state to be in and if you don’t know how to deal with burnout at work, you may end up suffering from depression.
  • Inefficacy, represent a state of mind where you start to doubt your ability to perform a particular task. When you lack the internal power to achieve the desired effect, you’ll start to exhibit incompetence in your work and simply be unproductive.

Burnout Recovery Strategies
So, if you are exhibiting the effects of burnout but don’t know how to overcome it, the following points can help you reinvent yourself and start to love your work.

1.Take a Long Break
Seriously. Cease working altogether and ask for a break. And this isn’t a tea or launch break, you need days and perhaps weeks to totally cut yourself off from work. Find anything that really interests you and indulge wholeheartedly. If you fancy nature and the outdoors, there’re lots of activities you’d love such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, canyoning, caving or rafting.

You could also just spend time on a beach sipping some fine wine and basking under the sun. If at all possible, switch off your calls and avoid checking your emails. Try as much as possible to have a “you time”, where you can release all the workplace stress and frustration.

2.Engage in something different
Although this may sound like having too much on an already full plate, it’s one of the best ways on how to deal with burnout at work. Adding something new to your schedule can help stave off burnout, according to James Sudakow, an author, consultant, and a motivational speaker.

For instance, enrolling in a musical class can trigger that extra commitment to complete your daily tasks so as to find time for that musical class. The idea here is to find something that you love and rejuvenate your energy. That energy will eventually seep into your work and improve your overall productivity. Something else you can do to avoid work burnout is regular exercise. It helps vent out work stress and pressure.

3.Relate more with work mates
The only way you’re going to love your work and enjoy that environment is by interacting more with other employees. This will help you to share your fears and worries among others and draw support from one another. Finding employees with good vibes can start off your day on a brighter note, keeping your focused and motivated.

These are some of the simplest ways on how to deal with burnout at work. Tap into your inner strength to find complete healing.

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