4 Warning Signs You Need Help With Mobility

Mobility issues are becoming more common among the elderly, impacting about 35% of individuals over 70. Impaired movement is linked to increased hospitalization, slip and fall accidents, a lower quality of life, and even fatalities. Therefore, it is crucial to equip older persons with disabled chairs for the elderly to assist in movement and avoid the eventualities that arise due to poor mobility.

You can also consult different medical supply shops if you have difficulty with mobility on the various movement devices available. For example, a mobility scooter is a battery operated chair that uses switches mounted on the handlebars and is suitable if you can move independently. Alternatively, you can inquire from the medical suppliers what is a power chair and how helpful it is for your movement.

When you have mobility issues due to disability or old age, using these devices is beneficial since it gives you independence, increases confidence, reduces pain, and increases your self-esteem. However, after identifying a mobility aid suitable for you, it is important to make an appointment with a doctor or a therapist on how to use the device properly. Your therapist will also advise you on the necessary modifications to your home and office, such as ramps, stairlifts, and handrails.

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Many senior citizens around the world are ensuring that they remain protected with the right types of medical equipment. In fact, statistics gathered from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that in 2015, retail spending for quality medical equipment reached a total of nearly $48.5 billion. Therefore, many senior citizens purchase mobility aids to help them experience a higher quality of living. With that in mind, here are four warning signs that you need help with mobility.

    1. Walking Tires You Out Quickly

      One common sign that you need to mobility assistance takes place if walking makes you feel tired. It’s understandable that walks during hot days or those that take place for long distances can make almost anyone feel exhausted. However, experiencing exhaustion from what seems to be a short walk is often a sign that you’re experiencing mobility problems.

    1. Experiencing Frequent Slips and Falls

      Many senior citizens are sent to the hospital each year for injuries suffered after a fall takes place. With that in mind, it’s definitely wise to consider canes or crutches in the event that you’ve been slipping or falling frequently. If falls continue to happen after utilizing these devices, you might want to consider using a wheelchair around the home.

    1. Feeling Chronic Pain While Trying to Walk

      It’s common for those who have mobility problems to feel pain while trying to walk in a normal manner. If you’re feeling this same type of pain while walking, it’s time to visit a medical supply store for a mobility aid. These aids are made to help reduce the pressure that walking places on your body. For instance, a walker helps aid in mobility by allowing you to grip its bars while walking. In addition, a medical supply store representative can help you find the right product in the event that you’re unaware of what would work best.

  1. Having Trouble Standing

    You’ll definitely want to consider owning a pair of crutches or a walker if you’re having trouble standing. If you’re having trouble standing upright, it’s nearly impossible to think about walking on your own. With that in mind, you might that crutches or other types of mobility devices finally helps to give you the freedom to stand without falling.

In conclusion, there are several signs that you might want to consider owning a mobility aid. These devices come in many forms and are made to protect seniors from falls while allowing them to become more mobile than normal. Whether it’s a pair of crutches or a stylish cane, there is a wide range of mobility aids available. If you want extra help to find the right mobility device for you, consider speaking with a medical supply store representative.

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