What Sets Urgent Care Centers Apart From The Average Medical Facility?

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What’s the difference between good medical care and lackluster medical care?

Most people would cite price as their biggest source of contention. Others may note convenience and waiting times as to whether or not they would have a positive experience. What if you didn’t have to choose between the two? Today’s advantages of urgent care are proving incredibly helpful for significant portions of the American population, from the student that’s recently left their parent’s health insurance to the working-class mother in need of extra options for her family. Knowing when to choose between the emergency room, your family doctor and an urgent care clinic will do wonders for your health and your wallet.

Learn more about urgent care centers and how they can supplement your life with the list below.

You Won’t Have To Wait Forever To Be Seen By A Physician

Many find themselves frustrated when they’ve become ill, yet have to wait days, even weeks, to be seen by a specialist. With advanced urgent care you have the benefit of being seen as soon as possible by experienced physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. Recent studies have determined over 60% of all urgent care centers boast a wait time of less than 15 minutes. This data also saw around 80% of all visits having patients wait an hour at the very most. When you’re scared and in pain, your medical care needs to be more than just effective.

There Are Multiple Locations To Choose From Around The Country

When you’ve been set back by an injury or illness and don’t have time to wait for your family doctor to schedule an appointment, the flexible settings of urgent care will meet you halfway. The majority of centers remain open until 7:00 p.m. or later on weekends at 90%, with two out of five centers remaining open until 9:00 p.m. or later. Around 65% of urgent care centers are also open prior to 9:00 a.m. during the week. It’s important to check your unique locations, however, and make sure you can expect to be seen at your nearest convenience.

A Wide Variety Of Injuries Are Treated As Soon As Possible

Urgent care centers are flexible medical settings that can treat a wide variety of injuries both minor and moderate. Four out of five urgent care centers today provide fracture care, with another seven out of 10 centers providing intravenous fluids. This is particularly helpful when a patient has lost a large amount of blood or is in dire need of fast-acting medication. The injuries that an urgent care setting can treat include burns, scrapes, bruises, cuts, broken bones, sprained ankles, skin disorders, poison ivy and poison oak.

Whether You’re Ill Or Unsure, You’re In Good Hands

Have you been struggling with a flu that’s lasted longer than normal? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing chronic headaches or upsetting nausea that just won’t seem to go away. A physician, or group of physicians, owns over half of all urgent care centers. No matter what you’re struggling with, you can be rest assured a professional will see you quickly and offer you the resources you need to recover. Medical care is also about preventative measures, so visit your urgent care facility and ask them for seasonal flu shots, blood pressure check-ups and physicals.

Urgent Care Centers Are More Affordable

Last, but certainly not least, you can save a lot of money by visiting an urgent care center. An illuminating study provided by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention found nearly half of all adult ER patients in America who weren’t sick enough to be admitted to the hospital visited the emergency room instead. This can mean hundreds, potentially thousands, of extra dollars spent on medical care that could have been treated at an urgent care setting. When you’re tight on cash and your insurance only covers so much, medical urgent care is a resource that will supplement your day-to-day living.

Good medical care is more than just giving you your medication and sending you on your way. It’s about promoting a high quality of life from the second you walk in through the front door.

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