Why You Still Need to Get a Flu Shot Every Year

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Vaccinations from doctors and pharmacies are capable of preventing more than 2.5 million deaths every year. But did you know that thousands of deaths continue to occur in the U.S. as a result of the flu?

That’s right: Influenza can be lethal, especially for the elderly and the very young, whose immune systems may not always be as up to par as healthy folk. Getting a flu shot is about more than just your own health, which is why it’s important to get one every year.

Unlike other types of vaccines or prescriptions, a flu shot is not a one-and-done kind of deal. You need a new one every season. Here’s why:

  • The flu virus changes. Viruses are living organisms. Just like humans, they are capable of adapting and changing to their surrounding environments. This year’s flu is not the same strain as last year’s — in fact, the ones around now are probably the ones who learned how to outsmart the old vaccines. Therefore, scientists develop a new vaccine every year that’s meant to tackle the latest and strongest strain of flu in hopes to do the most damage.
  • Not everyone can get vaccinated. You may think you’re perfectly healthy. Even if the flu hits, you’ll get through it no problem, you reason. However, your flu virus is contagious to people around you — some of whom aren’t physically capable of getting a flu shot because of allergies or pre-existing conditions. Do you neighbor a favor by making sure you don’t pass a bug along to them.
  • Vaccines are more available than ever. It was only a few years ago that you had to go to a doctor’s office and wait in long lines for a flu shot. Today, you can get them in pharmacies just as easily as you’d be able to get over the counter medicine. Visit your local pharmacy or drug store for more information about availability and costs.

Flu season has arrived. Don’t wake up one day to find yourself down for the count. Get vaccinated, and you may not only save yourself a nasty flu — you could be saving someone else’s life. More info like this.

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