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Herbal medicine seattle —- VIDEO

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Don’t Get Back Pain Get the Better of You Seek Chiropractic Care

Back pain is one of the most difficult ailments to deal with on a daily basis. It often impairs your ability to sit, stand, walk, lie down, and function normally. Next to upper respiratory infections, back pain is the second

Urgent Care Could Keep You Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

This holiday season, medical professionals in every field will be especially busy. Veterinarians deal with an influx of cats that have eaten tinsel, and dogs that have had a few too many table scraps, orthopedists will see more patients that

Sports physical therapy —- Free Videos

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Kirkland wa urgent care —- VIDEOS

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What You Need to Know about Thyroid Problems

You have probably heard of the thyroid glad before. However, chances are that you do not know where it is or what it does. The thyroid glad is a small, butterfly shaped gland located in your neck, just above the

What Is Oxygen Therapy For Cancer?

Did you know that there’s oxygen therapy for cancer? Sometimes known as Hyperbaric medicine, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the medical use of oxygen at a level that’s higher than atmospheric pressure. According to the American Cancer Society, hyperbaric oxygen

Electronic health record software vendors —- YouTube

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Fitness Technology That Benefits Both Beginner and Advanced Runners

Life Fitness conducted a survey that found that 72% of exercisers used technology in their workouts, and about 76% of those under 30 who exercised found that technology to contribute to a more successful workout. If you are curious as