Fitness Technology That Benefits Both Beginner and Advanced Runners

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Life Fitness conducted a survey that found that 72% of exercisers used technology in their workouts, and about 76% of those under 30 who exercised found that technology to contribute to a more successful workout. If you are curious as to how technology can help you with your own workout, then it is worth considering some of the fitness monitors that are available. One of the most futuristic fitness gadgets is a combination of running sensor and heads up display.

The Striiiide is not a pedometer, though at first glance you might think that it was no more complicated than that. It is a pod-like running sensor that measures speed and cadence, two factors that are essential to any runner who wishes to analyze their technique. The Striiiide is waterproof, and uses wireless signals to communicate with your other devices, plus three-axis accelerometers. This running sensor is designed to communicate data to an application, but it works best when paired with a Sportiiiis headset display.

The Sportiiiis display clips on to glasses or sunglasses, and has a flexible arm that sits either on the inside or the outside of one of the lenses of those glasses. On that arm are color LED lights, that will visually display whether you are in your targeted zone, close to it, or far ahead, or behind. Speakers on the Sportiiiis display can also communicate information to you audibly. The idea is that this display allows you to avoid the need to look away from the road while you are training. Ultimately, your workout is safer, and more targeted.

The Sportiiiis device also has the ability to pair with an armband monitor, allowing you to add heart rate monitoring to what you track and target during your run. There are some armband heart rate monitors that can be used almost every hour of the day, to track your heart rate at rest and while exercising. With Bluetooth connectivity on these devices, you can track the calories you burn, and enjoy data from a device that takes about 5,000 readings on your heart rate each minute.

Fitness bands and fitness bracelets also have their place in training. At the end of the day, or at the end of the workout, selecting a gadget is all about what kind of data you want to track, and which elements of your workout you are most concerned with monitoring. For the beginner, or the advanced runner, knowing how your speed and cadence contributes to a successful run is invaluable. If you are a runner, then a running sensor combined with a high tech display is one of the most useful tools available. Read more blogs like this.

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